Ex-Change’s mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship as a sustainable and powerful means against poverty in developing economies. To achieve this goal, Ex-Change aims at providing companies, organisations and training centres in the target countries with entrepreneurial expertise and global networks from the North.

With a view to achieving sustainable and measurable growth of local enterprises, Ex-Change wants to be the reference in the direct exchange of knowledge and experience between the North and the target countries with an emphasis on respect for people, profit & planet. In this way Ex-Change wants to contribute to the economic development in the area which requested support.

Increasingly, we build on insights obtained by the beneficiary or through co-operation with other initiatives both in the North and in the target countries. It is therefore important that the continuity and efficiency in our missions remain of key importance. Based on predetermined qualitative indicators, we aim at an annual increase in the number of projects without jeopardising the quality of our operations.

Trio Consult is the local agent for the Belgian based Ex-Change’s operation. We have a clear understanding of the local economy and specific needs and have contacts with local businesses, organisations and networks.

Our task is to sit down with local businesses and get to know the needy areas within the operations of a business. Together we establish the area of concern and we propose the projects, assist with the preparation and follow them through, during and after the expert’s intervention.

This technical assistance done FREE of charge. The only costs a benefitting business will incur are costs towards looking after the Expert (accomodation, food and local travel).