Writing a proposal is a significant investment, and the decision to bid or not bid must be made objectively based on the ability to win and successfully complete a project. Factors to be weighed will include competitive position, size of the program, and alignment of the proposal with corporate goals. Some solicitations involve an initial “white paper”, which is usually a 5 to 10 page document that the we will evaluate prior to a full proposal.

Outline the Proposal
We will obtain and review the detailed instructions for the proposal and create an outline according to instructions and all deadlines. Based on evaluation criteria and requirements of the scope of work and schedule, we will work with you to identify capabilities, innovative features, experience and other factors that give you a competitive advantage. We will create an annotated outline which will include all the key headings, followed by notes under each heading that describe the content, graphics and theme of each section.

Obtain Background Information
Working with your staff and prior reports and proposals related to the solicitation, we will search the Internet and literature to determine what has been done before in the proposed program area by yourself and others. In many cases, there will be significant background, including prior documentation that can be used in the proposal.

We will work with you to discuss your proposed approach and tasks with funding agency personnel if permitted by the solicitation rules. Also, we will help initiate and conduct discussions with partner companies, key personnel and technical experts in the field. Based on background information and discussions, we will help you set and revise strategy and refine your technical approach. Following from the technical requirements and your key competitive factors, we will identify clear objectives for the proposed program, and this will be added to the annotated outline, increasing the level of detail.

Write Sections
Once the detailed outline is completed, we will work with you to assign sections of the proposal to writers, and establish deadlines for their sections to allow adequate time for review and revisions. Depending on the workload of your staff and the technical content of the proposal, Mpoto Team may write sections of your proposal at your discretion.

Review and Edit Proposals

We will help you organize a review team to critique the draft, especially with regard to the evaluation criteria, and allow for several review and revision cycles. We will check the proposal to make certain it is fully responsive to the solicitation and is submitted on time.

Cost and Schedule of Services
Mpoto.info charges by the day for services. Before starting work, we will provide a concise proposal to you with our daily rate, the total number of days to be charged, the period of performance, and a statement of work. We will proceed with the work after receiving a purchase order or other written approval from you. We will not exceed the total proposed days without additional approval.

The amount of time needed for services from Mpoto depends on factors such as, prior work by you and others in the technical area, the scope of the proposed project, and the capacity of your staff. The preceeding are types of services Mpoto provides to its customers. You may choose the specific services to meet your needs, and maximize the efficiency of your capabilities.