Molunga water and sewerage company Ltd, has provided funds in the 2017 to 2018 budget towards the cost provision of cleaning services and Intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for provision of cleaning services for:

Lots 1Chililabombwe Division

Lots 2Chingola Division and

Lots 3Mufulira

  1. Mulonga water and sewerage company Ltd invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for carrying out the provision of cleaning services to the three division for a period of one (1) year renewable contract subject to performance
  2. Bidding will be conducted through the open national bidding(ONB) procedures specified by the public procurement Authority Act No 12 of 2008 and PPA Regulation SI No. 63 of 2011
  3. Bidders must attend site visits organized by the Employer which will be conducted as follows:

Chililabombwe division on 12th September, 2017. Bidders are requested to meet at the divisional office in chililabombwe, along kameza way at 10:00hours.

Chingola Division on 13th September, 2017. Bidders are requested to meet at the divisional

Office in Chingola , at 10;00 hours

Mufulira Division on 14th September, 2017. Bidders are requested to meet at the divisional

office in Mufulira, at 10:00 hours

  1. Bidders who will not be able to attend the site visit organized by the Employer shall make their own arrangements by contacting Divisional managers.
  2. Interested eligible bidders may inspect the bidding documents at the office of the manager procurement and supply, Mulongo water sewerage company Limited, Head office, musonko House, kabundi Road, P.O Box 11712, chingola, Zambia from 08:00 hours to 16:00 hours. Telephone number is 260 212 312199. Fax number 260 212 310025 and Email address: zwsp@mwsc.com.zm and copy to louis.mwase@mwsc.com.zm
  3. For clarification purposes, interested eligible bidders wishing to obtain further information may contact the procurement specialist at the address stated above provided that such query is received in writing and no later than 21th September, 2017.
  4. A complete set of solicitation documents may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of non-refundable fee of K800.00 or its equivalent in any freely convertible currency at the prevailing exchange rate in cash or bank certified cheque.
  5.        The telephone numbers is 260 212 313330 and telefax number 260 212 314873. HOWEVER TELEFAX/ ELECTRONIC OFFERS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  6. The bids, sealed envelopes and accompanied by a bid-securing declaration duly signed and sealed must be deposited in the tender box at the Reception Area, Mulonga water and sewerage company Limited Headquarters, Musonko house, Kabundi Road, P.O Box 11712, Chingola on or before Wednesday 4th October, 2017 at 10:30 hours.
  7. The bids should be sealed and clearly marked”IFB No ONB/MWSC/DHRA/002/17-18 Tender for the provision of cleaning services for lot 1 Chililabobmwe Divison, lot 2 Chingola Division and Lot 3 Mufulira Division.