1. The ministry of General Education has received financial and Technical support from JICA and intends to procure four (04) production machines for national science centre.
  2. Bidding will be conducted through open national bidding procedures specified in Zambia public procurement guidelines.
  3. The ministry of General Education now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders to supply and deliver four (04) production machines as shown below:
  4. Lots 1: plastic injection molding machine
  5. Lots 2: metal lathe
  • Lots 3: Lazer cutter
  1. Lots 4: Wood spindle molder


  1. Eligible bidders may obtain further information from the head, procurement and supply unit Ministry of General Education corner of Mogadishu/ chimanga Road, Ridgeway, P.O Box 50093, Lusaka, Zambia. The telephone numbers are +260 211 251318 and the telefax number is +260 211 251318. HOWEVER TELEFAX/ ELECTRONIC OFFERS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  2. A complete set of solicitation document in English language may be collect from procurement and supplies Unit, Ministry of general Education corner of Mogadishu/ Chimanga Roads, Ridgeway upon the payment of non-refundable fee of K500.00 cash.
  3. Bids shall be valid for the period of Ninety (90) days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bid securing declaration duly signed and sealed. All bids should be bound and sealed in envelopes, clearly marked ”MOGE/TESS/04/17 Tender for supply and delivery of four (04) production machines”  and should be deposited in the tender box at the Ministry of general Education, Lusaka, Zambia, 2nd floor on or before 22nd September,2017.
  4. Please note that eligible bidders are free bid for all the lots of production machines.
  5. The closing date for the receipt of bids is 22nd September, 2017. The bids shall be opened immediately thereafter in the conference room at the ministry of General Education in presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. LATE OR ELECTRONIC BIDS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.