• The judiciary has made budgetary provision for the supply and delivery of office ICT equipment. The judiciary is now looking for reputable firms to participate in the tender for the supply and delivery of photocopier machines.
  • The judiciary now invites sealed bids from eligible local/citizen companies to bid for the supply and delivery of office ICT equipment as shown in the table below:


   NO.                           DESCRIPTION                   QUALITY
    01                            Photocopier                        13


  • Bidding will be conducted through the open national bidding (ONB) method. The tender has a preferential procurement clause for bidders registered with the citizen Economic Empowerment commission CEEC) in line with ZPPA circular No @ of 2011 as follows:

(a) For a citizen influenced company, by four per cent (4%)

(b) For a citizen-empowered company, by eight per cent (8%)

(c) For a citizen owned company, by twelve percent (12%)

4.0 inspections of the solicitation documents will be done from:

The procurement and supplies Unit

Administration Block / former National Housing Authority

Central Administration

Chilufya mulenga Road




  • The Tender document may be obtained upon payment of non-refundable fee of K500.00 or its equivalent in any convertible currency at the prevailing exchange rate in cash or bank certified cheque at the cashier’s office.
  • The bids must be deposited in the tender box situated on the ground floor, at the judiciary Headquaters – supreme court Building, Reception Area at plot No. 438, independence Avenue, Lusaka on or before Friday, 8th September, 2017 at 10:00hours local time, ELECTRONIC OR TELEFAX BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, LATE BIDS WILL BE REJECTED.
  • Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in Supreme Court room 1 at the judiciary HQs in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who will attend.