On 9th January 2015, The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) signed the New Funding Model (NFM) HIV/TB Grant Agreement whose aim is in line the revised National AIDS Strategic Framework (R-NASF) and National TB Strategic Plan (NTSP). This Grant follows the successful implementation of the HIV Single Stream Financing (SSF) Grant and its subsequent closure on 31 December 2014. The NFM HIV/TB Grant will run for a period of three (3) years From 1′ January 2015 to 31″ December 2017. The Churches Health Association of Zambia has been appointed by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) as one of the two (2) Principal Recipients (PRs) for this grant whose implementation is expected to commence during the second half of the first quarter January to March 2015.

Thematic Area of Focus for this Call – Community Systems Strengthening

Zambia has a long history of including community-based organizations in the provision of health services. Due to the resource-constrained environment, both in the scarcity of health care workers and the overall funding for health, these community organizations (CSOs, CBOs and NGOs) are recognized as an integral part of TB and HIV diagnosis, treatment, and care services. (Zambia HIV/TB Concept Note 2014)

The community systems strengthening (CSS) components in this grant integrates both TB and HIV community-based services, as recommended in the WHO guidelines for collaborative TB and HIV activities. More than complementary to the facility-based interventions, these activities are essential to the success of the facility-based services, particularly in relation to understanding (TB and HIV treatment literacy), uptake (demand creation), access (stigma reduction), and retention (adherence support) in facility-based programs.

This grant targets CSO umbrella organizations. These CSOs will, in turn, coordinate their networks’ joint TB and HIV interventions in the following suggested high-prevalence provinces: high HIV prevalence in Copperbelt, Lusaka, and Central provinces; and, high TB prevalence and/or high TB losses to follow-up in Eastern and Luapula provinces. Grant Implementers will focus on the following activities;

  1. Institutional Capacity Building
  2. Social Mobilization
  3. Advocacy and Community-based Monitoring and Accountability Objectives of the Call for Applications

To invite eligible Civil Society organizations (CSOs) to submit applications to become Lead Sub- Recipients (SRs) under the CHAZ-GF Civil Society NFM HIV/TB grant.


These organisations will be expected to receive grants for implementing coordination activities among member and non member networks. They will provide through their coordination activities capacity building, technical support, mentoring, grant administration, financial management, monitoring and evaluation. The CSOs must have a strong history of HIV/TB programming and Grant Management and demonstrate good capacity for grant appraisal, capacity building and programme evaluation.

The applicant should show strong history of implementing evidence based community systems strengthening with specific bias in areas of institutional capacity building, social mobilization, advocacy and community based monitoring and accountability. Produce evidence of an umbrella network that has worked with communities in various districts across the country. The applicant should further exhibit high-level collaboration with the targeted districts including the DATF and PATF. The integrated community based activities will include and but not be limited to capacity assessment of these networks at the community level in financial and program management and community level monitoring of HIV and TB prevention and service delivery in facilities and in the community to ensure compliance with the new TB and ARV treatment guidelines. Applicants who have the said attributes are encouraged to apply. Applicants interested in applying must followthe procedure outline below.

Application Procedure

CSOs meeting the above requirements should submit their applications, on their organizations’ letterhead, highlighting the following:

Name of the NGO, contact information including physical and postal address Year of establishment and copy of a certified registration certificate Certified copy of the Constitution (copy stamped by the Registrar of Society)

Show an established provincial presence to ensure geographical spread, with evidence of key stakeholder support.

A letter and supporting documents demonstrating the NGO’s fulfillment of the application requirements under this category.


All applicants must submit their sealed applications at CHAZ Secretariat’s reception desk. The applications should be clearly marked “CHAZ-GF NFM – HIV/TB APPLICATION and addressed to the Executive Director, Churches Health Association of Zambia, CHAZ House, Plot 9306, Ben Bella Road, P O Box 34511, Lusaka Zambia. All applications should arrive at or before 14:00hours local time on 27th February 2015. Any application not meeting any of the above requirements will not be held or reviewed.

Upon selection, the successful SRs will be published in the local media. Please note, the funding under this Grant is limited and only a limited number of LRs will be selected based on the quality of their proposals and evidence gathered through onsite assessment of the shortlisted applicants.

CHAZ reserves the right to accept and/or reject an application. CHAZ will hold a pre-bid meeting at the CHAZ Secretariat on the 24th of February 2015 at llhours to respond to clarifications. Clarifications can be emailed to