SOUTHERN WATER AND SEWERAGE COMPANY (SWSC) has received funding from the Devolution Trust Fund and intends to apply the funds to eligible payments under the contract for which this Request for Proposals is issued. Payments by the Client will be made only at the request of the Authorized Representative, and will be subject, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the Contract. The Government prohibits a withdrawal from the funds for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Southern Water and Sewerage Company now invites proposals to provide the following consulting services (hereinafter called “Services”): Design of the Sewerage Reticulation System and Supervision of Construction of the System and Prefab Household Toilets for Libuyu Compound. More details on the Services are provided in the Terms of Reference in Section 7 of the RFP of the tender document.

This Request for proposals (RFP) has been advertised to which ever consultant is qualified to provide such services in Zambia in accordance with the requirements of the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ).

A firm will be selected under Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) procedures and in a Full Technical Proposal (FTP) format as described in this RFP.

Eligible bidders may obtain information and inspect the Request for Proposal Document from the Procurement Unit, SWSC, P O Box 630617, Choma, situated at Southern Lodge along the Lusaka-Livingstone Road, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ZMK1000.00 or its equivalent in a freely – convertible currency at the prevailing exchange rate in cash or bank certified cheque. The contact telephone number is +260 213 220001 and the telefax number is +260 213 220601. However, TELEGRAPHIC AND ELECTRONIC PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Bids comprising TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL Proposals properly bound and sealed separately and clearly marked “DESIGN OF THE SEWERAGE RETICULATION SYSTEM AND SUPERVISION OF CONSTRUCTION OF THE SYSTEM AND PREFAB HOUSEHOLD TOILETS FOR LIBUYU COMPOUND” must be deposited in the Tender Box at Southern Water and Sewerage Company Limited Head Office at the above address not later than Tuesday, 20th October 2014 at 10:00 hours local time.

The proposals shall be opened, immediately thereafter, in the Conference Room at SWSC, Choma in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. PLEASE NOTE THAT LATE PROPOSALS WELL NOT BE ACCEPTED.