The Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) is an umbrella organization for church health facilities with a total of 151 members. These comprise of 36 hospitals (11 of these have training schools), 84 rural health centres and 31 church based community organizations that share its vision, mission and core values. These operate in the rural parts of Zambia in all the 10 provinces. Registered members operate on a Not-for-Profit basis and within the national health policy framework of the Ministry of Health (MoH) whose vision is to; ‘provide equity of access to cost-effective, quality health care as dose to the family as possible’.

The Association complements Government efforts in the deliver}’ of quality healthcare by bringing to the health sector tangible and intangible human, material, financial resources, innovation, and more importantly, Christian love and care. CHAZ believes that priority in the provision of health services both curative and preventive should be given to all including the poor, and the underserved in the rural and hard to reach areas of Zambia. The Zambian Government recognizes this partnership with C11AZ. In the National Health Policy of the Ministry of Health, CHAZ is recognized as “ the largest single faith based partner to the Government in the health sector. The group is currently the second largest provider of health services to the general public and operates on similar lines as public health facilities, including hospitals, health centres and health posts, distributed throughout the country, especially in rural areas”.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and CHAZ affiliated hospitals and other institutions are also guided by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of 2011. The MOU acknowledges that the Government of Zambia will provide resources for the operations of church health facilities and ensure that essential medicines are available and also deploys health workers to work in the Church health facilities.

The collaboration of CHAZ and Government has strengthened the health care delivery system in Zambia. Members of CHAZ adhere to these guidelines in delivery of health services. CHAZ operations are guided by the national Strategic framework and the CHAZ Strategic plan (2011 – 2016) whose strategic directions are: Improving health service delivery and Improving CHAZ overall organizational effectiveness. A number of public health programmes have been developed in order to help achieve the above strategic directions.

CHAZ seeks the services of an audit firm to provide external audit services for the FY 2015andFY2016.


The objective of the external audit is to express a professional opinion on the Financial Statements of the Secretariat and Projects. These Financial Statements, among others, consist of the Income and Expenditure Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for the year under review. They are also required to express a professional opinion on the soundness of the internal control systems, compliance with the CHAZ financial regulations; and compliance with the applicable donor’s rules and regulations.


The external audit is carried out in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and includes such tests and auditing procedures as the auditor considers necessary for the assignment. Furthermore, regarding specific project audits, the auditor will also perform the specific procedures as required by the specific donor.


The Audit firm should be registered and have a license from the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants(ZICA).The firm should have relevant experience in accounting and auditing of Not for Profit Organisations, especially donor-funded projects. Experience of working on Global fund programs will be an added advantage.


Qualified and interested Audit firms should collect full terms of reference from CHAZ offices and they may contact Procurement Office.


Expression of Interest must be submitted by 16.30 hours on Friday 27th February 2015. Audit firm submitting the EOI should ensure they register in the EOI register for “Provision of External Audit Services”. Any EOI not registered and is misplaced will not be considered by CHAZ.

Note: Due to time limitations CHAZ will only contact shortlisted firms who will be required to submit their proposals both Technical and Financial within three weeks after notification.

All EOIs should be addressed to the Executive Director

Churches Health Association of Zambia Plot No. 9306 Ben Bella Road PO Box 34511 Lusaka

All envelopes should be clearly marked ‘Provision of External Audit Services’ and should be put in the CHAZ Tender Box at the reception.