Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited has set aside funds towards the engagement of a firm to provide insurance broking services.

Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (ZAMTEL) invites sealed bids from insurance brokers registered with the Pensions & Insurance Authority for the provision of Insurance Broking Services as

Bidding will be conducted through the Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures specified in the Public Procurement Act of 2008 and the Public Procurement Regulations of 2011.

A firm will be selected under [Quality based selection (QBS) method] procedures and in a [Full Technical Proposal (FTP)] format as described in this RFP

The RFP includes the following documents:

Section 1 – Letter of Invitation

Section 2 - Instructions to Consultants and Data Sheet

Section 3 - Technical Proposal [FTP] - Standard Forms

Section 4 – Financial Proposal - Standard Forms

Section 5 -Eligible Countries

Section 6 – Government’s Policy – Corrupt and Fraudulent Practices

Section 7 – Terms of Reference

Section 8 – Standard Forms of Contract [Time-Based]

Bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at ZAMTEL House Corner of Church and Chilubi Roads, Lusaka. Telephone: 260 -21-333152, Fax: 0260 -21-256622, email: Bidding documents may also be accessed on the Zamtel website: will be a pre-bid meeting on Wednesday 25th February. 2015 at 15:00hrs at Zamtel House, main Boardroom, Zamtel, Lusaka.

Bidding documents may be purchased by interested bidders from Zamtel House. Corner of Church and Chilubi Roads. Lusaka upon payment of a non-refundable fee of one thousand kwacha (Kl,000.00) or its equivalent in a freely convertible currency at the prevailing exchange rate in cash or Bankers’ cheque.

All Bids shall be appropriately bound, sealed and the outer envelope must be clearly marked in bold “REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR THE PROVISION OF INSURANCE BROKING SERVICES FOR ZAMBIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIMITED”. Electronic Bids shall not be accepted and late Bids shall be rejected. The proposals should be clearly marked “Financial Proposal” and “Technical Proposal” separately. The Bids must be addressed to:

Attention: Senior Supply Chain Manager Address: Tender Box- Zamtel. Lamya House.

Floor-Room number: 3rd Floor.

City: Lusaka ZIP Code: 10101 Country: Zambia

Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after Bid closing and must be accompanied by a fully signed Bid Securing Declaration and must be deposited in the tender box at Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited. 3rd Floor. Lamya House, Lusaka on or before 18th March, 2015 at 10:30 hours local time. The Bids received will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the bidders who wish to attend. HOWEVER, ELECTRONIC OR LATE BIDS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.