The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (hereinafter referred to as the “Authority”) is responsible for the regulation of the electronic communication services and products, and monitoring of   the performance of the sector, including the levels of investment and the availability, quality, cost and standards of the electronic communication services in Zambia.

In the 2014 Expenditure Budget, the Authority made a provision towards the cost of outsourcing security services, and intends to apply some of the proceeds of the funds to payments under the contract for which the invitation for bids has been issued.

The Authority Procurement Committee now invites sealed bids from reputable and eligible companies for the provision of security services on contractual basis for a period of 24 months. The tender has been packaged in the following lots;

Lot No. Description Location
1 Livingstone Monitoring Site livingstone
2 solwezi monitoring site solwezi
3 nakaputa hills monitoring site ndola
4 ZICTA exhibition Hall Ndola

Bidders are free to quote for any number of Lots. However, award of contract shall be on Lot by Lot basis.

The tender is reserved for citizen–influenced, citizen- empowered and citizen–owned companies in accordance with the Government of Zambia Statutory Instrument No. 36 of 2011.

Bidding documents may be purchased from the Authority Head Office, Corner of United Nations and Independence Roads, P. O. Box  36871,  Lusaka  at  a  non-refundable  fee  of  K500.00. Interested bidders may obtain further information at the same address. The telephone number is 260 211 240 023 and the telefax number is 260 211 240 023 and the email address is procurement@zicta.zm. Bidding Documents can also be accessed on the Authority Website (http://www.zicta.zm). ELECTRONIC BIDS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The bids should be appropriately bound, sealed and bold labeled and must be deposited in the tender box situated at the Authority Head Office, corner of Independence Avenue and United Nations Road, Lusaka on or before Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 10:00 hours local time and must be accompanied by a duly signed Bid Securing Declaration form.  LATE BIDS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The closing date for the receipt of bids is Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 10:00 local time and any bids received after the time and date stipulated above shall not be accepted. The bids will be opened soon after tender closing in the Boardroom in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.