1. The Zambia wildlife authority (ZAWA) has reserved funds under the 2015 budget toward the cost of the recapitalization of ZAWA. It is intended to apply part of the proceeds of these funds, to payments under the contracts for the supply and delivery of uniforms and patrol equipment for Zambia wildlife police officers.
  2. ZAWA now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the supply and delivery of patrol equipment and uniforms as follows
Items Description Qty
1 Combat uniforms Trousers 1500
2 Combat uniforms long sleeve shits 1500
3 Combat uniforms two Breast and lower pockets shirts 750
4 Combat uniforms smoke Denison field combat jackets 1500
5 Combat uniforms T/shirts 750
6 Combat belts 750
7 Combat jersey 1500
8 Military combat boots(black in colour) 1500
9 Combat uniforms Rain boots 750
10 Combat uniforms socks 1500
11 Combat uniform head dress cap 1500
12 Combat uniforms beret with badge 750
13 Combat uniforms Ballistic Helmets 750
14 Combat uniforms black pack 750
15 Combat uniforms vest 750
16 Combat uniforms rain coats 750
17 Ceremonial uniforms trousers 1500
18 Ceremonial uniforms  jacket 1500
19 Ceremonial uniforms shirts 1500
20 Ceremonial uniforms shoes 1500
21 Ceremonial uniforms skirt 350
22 Ceremonial uniforms Buckled Brown belt 1500
23 Ceremonial uniforms briefcase 100
24 Ceremonial uniforms hand bags 30
25 Ceremonial uniforms cap 750
26 Ceremonial uniforms hat 750
27 Ceremonial uniforms necktie 750
28 Ceremonial uniforms white Gloves 1000
29 Ceremonial uniforms


1 Sleeping Bags
2 Sleeping Mats
3 Camping tent
4 Water bottle
5 Whistle and lanyard


In evaluating the bids the price may be adjusted in order to facilitate preferential evolution of a bid as follows

  • For a citizen- influenced company by four percent (4%)
  • For a citizen-empowered company by eight percent (8%)
  • For a citizen-owned company by twelve percent (12%) and
  • For domestically manufactured goods by a citizen-influenced company, citizen-empowered company and citizen-owned company, by fifteen (15%)

The bidding will be conducted through the open national bidding (ONB) procedures as prescribed in the public procurement regulations of 2011 published by the Zambia procurement authority.

A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of non-refundable fee of ZMK 1.000.00 the method of payment will be cash bank certified cheque or direct deposit.

Bids should be appropriately bond, sealed and sent clearly marked TENDER FOR SUPPLY AND DELEVERY OF UNIFORMS PATROL EQUIPMENT  for Zambia wildlife police office and addressed to the director General  bids should and must be deposited in the tender box at the procurement unit of the Zambia authority, Kafue road chilanga on or before  Monday 22nd June 2015 at 10:00 hours local time bid received shad be opened immediately thereafter in the human resources conference room in the presence of the bidders and /or their representatives who choose to attend. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of not less than two (2%) of the bib sum


Kampamba k .kombe


Private bag I chilanga, Zambia

Attention: head- procurement unit.