The Non-Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is an umbrella organisation of 105 NGOs and CBOs active in the field of Gender and Development in Zambia. Since its establishment in 1985, the organisation has played a leading role in the empowerment of women in Zambia and continues to be active at national, regional and global levels in advocating for the advancement of women. The attainment of gender equity and equality takes centre stage in all of NGOCC’s programs with the aim of uplifting the standard of living of the general citizenry and women in particular.

NGOCC’s mandate includes the coordination and strengthening of links among and between member organisations, the Government and donor agencies.

In 2013, NGOCC started implementing its current Strategic Plan that spans from 2013 to 2017. The Strategic Plan takes into account four key areas namely; Policy and Legal Reforms, Reproductive Health, the promotion of women in politics as well as the empowerment of women in the media landscape.

According to the Zambia Demographic and Health Survey (ZDHS) for 2007, the maternal mortality rate for Zambia amounted to 591 deaths per 100,000 live births while the HIV and AIDS prevalence rate stood at 16 % for women and 12% for men respectively. The survey demonstrated that the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Zambia has a greater impact on women who also suffer from a high maternal mortality rate. These figures can be attributed, among other factors, to the lack of or limited access by women to reproductive and HIV and AIDS health services.

NGOCC has received some financing from the Royal Norwegian Embassy to undertake a baseline survey regarding maternal and sexual reproductive health in the ten selected districts of Zambia. The ten districts will be chosen from areas where NGOCC operates, such as Northern/Muchinga Province (Kasama, Nakonde), North-Western province (Solwezi), Central Province (Mumbwa, Kabwe), Southern Province (Monze, Kalomo), Eastern Province (Katete, Chipata), Wes tern Province (Kaoma).

The baseline survey is to assess the current situation in the ten districts on the following;

  • Factors which con tribute to high maternal mortality rates in the districts;
  • The availability, accessibility and quality of maternal health, family planning, HIV and AIDS health services
  • Information gathering in relation to Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) towards such services including Sexual Reproductive Health services
  • Maternal health facilities in the districts (at the health centres and hospitals) (buildings, machinery, etc) The HIV and AIDS infection and prevalence rates in selected districts in relation to different sex (women and men comparatively)

The complete Terms of Reference (TOR) may be obtained from the Non Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) secretariat in Lusaka or the NGOCC website (www.ngocc.org.zm)

The address is as follows;

The Tender Committee C/O NGOCC P.O Box 37879,

Nchoncho Road, Villa Elizabetha, Lusaka, Zambia

Tel. 260 211224727/227529/227517

Website: www.ngocc.org.zm  

All bids should include:

  • Technical proposal: Profile about the team involved with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work; understanding of the Terms of Reference and tasks to be accomplished, including proposed methodology.
  • Financial Proposal: This should provide cost estimates for the consultancy (fees based on persons days for the assignments).

Please submit sealed bids, which are clearly labelled TENDER FOR CONDUCTING A BASELINE SURVEY REGARDING THE MATERNAL AND SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH IN TEN SELECTED DISTRICTS OF ZAMBIA during working hours to the above office. Deadline for submission of the sealed bid documents is no later than Friday 20,h February 2015 at 1200 hours noon (midday). The bid-opening meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 24th February 2015 at 14 00 hours in the above office. Consultants, firms or organisations who have submitted bids are invited to attend.

Only the successful consultant, firm or organisation will be contacted. NGOCC reserves the right to reject incomplete tenders and is not bound to take the lowest offer.