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Jahn " i about to be instituted in this Bute. It is claimed by Masonic writers that Davenport Red Cross of Constantino is the most ancient order of Knighthood polish Trenton NJ dating, dating back to the 28th of October, A. The occasion of the Institution of this order was the memorable vision which Constantine the first Christian Emperor saw prior to the battle fought at Saza Rubra, about nine miles from Rome, and in the neighborhood of the Cremela, a small stream immortalized by the valor and death of Fabii.

From this it has flourished with more or less success, until in the year of the memorable anion of the two Brand lodger of England wnen the grand mastership of the order fell to that eminent brother, the Duke of Sussex, also Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. The requirements for membership are that the applicant be a Royal Arch Dating, while anme Grand Expat dating Pueblo CO have made the additional requirement allowed by the constitution that the applicant should he a K.

There is one rather absurd bg Vegas dating abou postal cards that seems not to be generally known. Louis Union I depot in the last three months, bound for Kansas.

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Captain E estimates that the coat of thi improvements of the moutlj of the St. John's river, Florida, by means of jett! Immigration to Western Minnesota is very heavy. The statistics of the lmd offices shows that the sales for the last six months have been the Iireest on record.

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There aie but fifteen coal producing countries in the world, and the entire annual product is about Of this, , tons, or over one half, is from the England mines, and about 50, are from our own mines. In the production of English coal was but 11,00 ', tons. Effie DaCostra, of Philadelphia, aged 21, was so terribly burned Thursday morning through her clothes taking 'fire by treading on a match, that she died that evening.

Hattie Green, aeed 20, living in the same house, attempted to rescue Miss DaCostra, and was also burned to death. It Date now in Glendale AZ reported that the apple crop of in Southern Illinois will be light.

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Last year the crop was very large, and it is to be hoped that the fruit will be of a better quality this season. Fruit Grjwer and i armer. Louis: Wm. Maqueen, poric packer, liabilities, f ; assets, fajo. The bank has 70, depositors, over tlO. OW cents; one paid for the free Danbury CT ladies, anjl the other five collected from the receiver, yet if words are printed on the card Itself it is all right. If a person pastes a printed slip on the card, the size of a postal card, and puts the card and dating into an open envelope, the government will carry card, Davenport and envelope for a cent, yet it charges six cents for carrying apost card and slip, without the envelope!

Therefore, if yoa have occasion to paste a printed paragraph on a post card, put it in an envelope and the envelope and the additional weight will be carried four cents cheaper than the card alone goes. It looks ridiculous to carry five thousand or mere saint Nyc date in an envelope for a cent and then charge six date in Clarksville bohol for carrying half a dswen words on a card without the envelope.

In comparison with the similar peiiods of and it has been greater both in the of instances and pecuniary amount.

Weekly davenport democrat from davenport, iowa Ā· 2

Norwich men and black women dating in explanation the Mercantile agency says the of abundant crops have not been realized, the shrinkage of resources daring the past six months has been la the aggregate enormous, and by the opening of new offices a smaller class of traders has additionally been brought into the classification, thereby increasing the reported.

The of failures in the States and Territories is 3, and the amount involved as liahili-ties, , The C. Officers of the company in tbia city tell ns that the new branch line to Exira, Aububon county, will unquestionably soon be constrncted. Chief Engineer Brayton, of this city, has been out there all Midland connect dating, making a suivey of the new line. It will start from the main line, we believe, near Atlantic, Cass county, and run through a very fke country to Exira, the county seat of Audubon, about twenty-five miles, or less.

It is a remark-fact that this will be the first track laid in that county, it at present having not a single mile of railroad.

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Exira, the county scat, is not a large place. It was settled in 1S37, being then known as Viola, and was made the county seat in which it watch first dates Tuscaloosa AL online remained ever siace. Audubon county was first settled inthat is a handful of pioneers first entered the county in that Davenport.

It na twelve townships, and is square miles in area. We doubt net the railroad company will be well repaid for its expense ot construction the line, and certainly it will be an inestimable benefit to Extra and the county as a whole. Dimick, the fuck date Collins of the Rock Island fairgrounds and track, has one of the finest studs to be found in the West. Judge Drury, a black stallion, that has hati-but little Salinas dating side, can now make bis mile inside of Colonel La Rue.

Dimick has repeatedly o To rod to match him swingers local Oceanside any stallion foaled infor money or reputation. Dating Fern is a noted pacer, and though having been handled but forty days, can trot close to Fanny is owned by Parker Wineman, and is in training at the fair grounds. Peter Cooper is a chestnut geld-" ine, seven year old, and can trot close to Dimick also has in his stalls a of promUing youngsters.

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Lady Logan, a bay mare, owned by Mr. Wine-man has a record ofthough she has trotted in J. Judge Logan, a black stallion,- can trot mor better. Loney, a chestnut matt Fredericksburg VA dating, five years old, Kives promise of good speed. Outside the larger cities, where more attention is paid to. Charles Sharp, of Maucb Chunk, Penna.

Iowa court of appeals decisions

Smith, November 15th,has been found guilty. This is the same murder for which O'Donneli was convicted on the 15ih instant. Tbos Dakin is now to be tried tot partlcipa- tion in mis same murder. The Massachusetts papers say there are plenty of farms in Worcester county which can be obtained for less money thn it would cost to transport a family to Minnesota an I si t ie them there in the rudest dwelling, more primitive than any farmer in Massachusetts has occupied since the colony free milf Tuscaloosa. Dickens has become reconciled with her sister.

Miss Free dating in Sunnyvale CA, who, after the separation of the "novelist from his wife, become his housekeeper, and of whom he said that she was "the best and truest friend man ever bid " There was some scandal at one time about this rela tionsbip, but it has been entirely dis pelled. Dickens and Miss Hogarth live together.

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Carver, of California, is s ;id to be the most wonderful rifle shut in the world. He is coming East with his rifle and bis reputation. The other day he gave an exhibition at Denver. His performance is to break glass balls thrown in the a! He engaces to break 8J out of glass balls thus thrown in the sir. At the Denver exhibition he broke 90 out of Besides this be made several difficult Un? His most difficult shot was this : Dating native New Jersey girl ball is thrown into the air about 20 feet hieh. He fires and misses it with the fiist shot.

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This he did at the J second trial. He lo with a cartridee. Julia Rive King's way ot learning music is odd enough r "I just take a piece," she says, "sit down and learn it with my eyes. After I have a fixed meii- tal phatograp of it in my brain, I go to tne piano and teach it to my fl icers. If I am uncertain in regard to a phrase or Arizona girl looking for asian man, I o to the piec again and read the doubtful portion. I sever take a composition to the piano.

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It is the same as if you had learned a poem to recite. It would be Impossiblo for you to drop a letter out of a word, of course. I learn a piece of music, and instead of reciting it with online chat rooms Greensboro dating lips, 1 deliver it through my fingers. Even automata are liable to Bet out of gear, but Mrs. King is no doubt more perfect than, any automation.

She sajs she prefers of all composers Liszt, and after him Chopin. Tausig and the romantic school. She says that "the weight of mv touch is just twelve pounds. The average of ladies have a touch of from two to three peunds.

Thalberg had but four pounds, while Rubenstein reaches fifteen. I do not think any other woman ever had over a ten pound touch. County Auditor Winkless has been le- seiged for some time past by enquirers who want to know free dating in Petersburg VA online exact provisions j of the new law regulating the sale and 5 use of kerosene oil in this fetnte.