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Dating a man from the Bend

I'm a woman in my early 20s. My friends say I have "daddy issues," because I tend to date men in their 30s.

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Years old: 19
My sexual orientation: Man
Figure features: My figure type is slender
I prefer to listen: Classical
My tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Your friends countless people with zero background in the therapy game who are quick to "diagnose" others with various insulting psychological issues

I am a year-old woman, and I can't figure out why I'm having such a hard time finding a man. I am attractive in good shape and considered pretty ; have a master's degree; am successful in a competitive business; and I love to read and talk about news, history, and ideas. I hooking up in South Dakota wonderful friends; I've worked hard to resolve my issues; and I do my best to be a kind person.

I just want my match: someone who's smart, highly educated, equally successful or more so, attractive tall — at least 6-foot-1 — and masculinepassionate, well-read, and a good person.

Rochester dating profiles wrong with me that, even with online dating, I rarely find men even in the ballpark of what I want? Grocery shopping's easy when your list has generic items — "beer," "chips," and "cheese"—and not "cheese from free-range Albanian yaks raised by older dating online Erie, whispering positive affirmations to them as they graze": "You are loved, loving, and lovable, and you manifest perfect health by making smart choices.

You're looking for "that special someone," not "that random anydude.

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Being a woman likely adds another layer of difficulty, through "hypergamy. We depend on your support to help fund our coverage.

Support local, independent media with a small monthly or one time contribution. Thank you! Women, in general, are the vastly choosier sex in the mating market—in online dating and beyond. This aligns with evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers' theory of "parental investment. Countless scientific findings—across species—support Trivers' theory, including recent research delving into the ratio of heterosexual male versus female "super-likes" on Tinder.

A super-like—by swiping up on a profile—unlike a simple free chat no registration Odessa TX "like," triggers an automatic notification to the up-swiped person.

Laddy issues & tender mercenaries

Belgian economics doctoral candidate Brecht Neyt, with his adviser, Stijn Baert, found that women on Tinder super-liked only 4. This is effectively digital beer goggles—worn by a big chunk of the straight male population. And recall hypergamy, women's preference for partners of higher status: a a man's likely to have continuing access to resources to provide for any children. Unfortunately, there's been a higher-ed "gender gap" for decades, with fewer men applying to and graduating from college.

Infor example, four-year colleges in the U. As ofwomen outpaced men in college enrollment latin Kalamazoo dating. This is a problem because evolved female emotions are your mate-choice watchdog, motivating you to go for high-status men and making you feel bad about dating a man who's a kind but ambitionless romantic date Louisville KY, or even one who's just moderately achieving.

Male evolved psychology, on the other hand, works to ensure that men don't shove aside hot, fertile year-olds to go hit dating services for Tyler students that very attractive grandma with a lovely personality.

Needle in a bae stack

In other words, you can't just tell yourself you shouldn't care about the job or education level a man has: make yourself be as hot for a successful plumber as you are for a successful lawyer. However, you could give your "list" of man minimums a hard look: see whether there are any you could live with cutting, thus increasing your pool of possibilities. For example, because height—tallness—is one of the strongest female preferences for male appearance, there's probably an undertapped stock of sexy, successful, really good men who are on the shorter side: uh, "condensed, dark, dating someone from Fort Myers FL handsome.

If you can't scale back your standards, you should make peace with the likely outcome: You'll probably continue to have a tough time finding the sort of man you want. Like other women looking for love who are high climbers on the career ladder, you might eventually come to the conclusion that you have two choices: a nice, loving, hardworking guy a few rungs below you or one of those body pillows that you draw a face on and name Ted. View all our Newsletters. Become a Source Insider.

If you can't scale back your standards, you should make peace with the likely outcome

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