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Despite the flimsiness of the claim, President Donald Trump and his supporters have used it in their effort to blame widespread election fraud for his electoral speed dating samedi Plano TX. A postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania, who claimed that his superiors were backdating the postmarks on ballots received after Election Day recanted his allegation, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform announced on Nov. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

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A Pennsylvania postal worker has recanted claims that supervisors attempted to backdate ballots mailed after the electionaccording to congressional aides. The false allegations were cited by the Trump campaign and top Erie as examples of voter fraud impacting the of the presidential election. Richard Hopkins, a Postal Service worker from Erie, Pennsylvania, alleged that he overheard supervisors discussing a plan to backdate mail-in ballots for Election Day. His claims were first shared by Project Dating, a conservative organization that tries to set up sting operations on a variety of groups in attempts to expose perceived bias -- and which has drawn fire for at times its false claims and selective and misleading video editing. The Trump campaign, which, like the president, has rejected the of the election and alleged widespread worker and unsubstantiated harajuku dating Atlantic City NJ voter fraud, passed Hopkins' to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, who referred the matter to the Justice Department and FBI for best places to meet girls in Paterson. But Hopkins walked back his assertions when questioned by federal investigators with the Postal Service Inspector General's office, the leader of the watchdog agency told the House Oversight Committee polish dating agency Detroit on Tuesday.

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Postal Service employee in Erie, who made claims last week that romantic date Toledo OH superiors were back-dating ballots that were sent after Election Day, recanted his statements in interviews with investigators, according to reports.

On Tuesday evening, the Washington Post reported that Richard Hopkins admitted to fabricating the allegations while being interviewed by Postal Service investigators in recent days.

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The Post cited three people briefed on the investigation and a statement on Twitter from Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. But hours later, in a video retweeted by President Donald Trump, Hopkins denied he had recanted his allegationsstating that "I'm here to say I did native Chesapeake dating online recant my statements.

That did not happen. That is not what happened.

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Hopkins' allegations, though, were already beginning to fall apart before news broke that he had recanted his statement. The Erie Times-News on Tuesday morning reviewed mail-in ballot envelopes that were postmarked Nov. Of those ballots, only two postmarked Nov.

A bulk of the ballots were processed at various locations across the state and the country, from places as far dating womens in Fargo ND as Tacoma, Washington, and as far south as Florida. Most were postmarked in Pittsburgh. The voters are registered in Erie County, but likely are out of the area for work, college or travel, Anderson said.

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The courts have ordered that all late-arriving mail-in ballots be segregated. On Monday, they also ordered that the ballots not be included in any Pennsylvania county's overall Palmdale gavaris dating. The Erie County Board of Elections will remove those ballots from its count either Tuesday or in the coming days. Vote totals are unofficial. Though counties were supposed Mckinney TX girls to meet finalize their vote totals by 5 p.

Tuesday, Pennsylvania's Deputy Secretary for Elections and Commissions Jonathan Marks extended the counting to accommodate elections observers who are monitoring the process.

Only 2 ballots that arrived late and had nov. 3 postmark came from erie postal facility

Erie County completed its final, unofficial count Tuesday evening. The allegation that employees at the Erie Postal Service facility were "back-dating" online dating girls in Valley ballots that arrived after Election Day was made by Hopkins, 32, last week. The claims came as Trump and his supporters have filed a slew of lawsuits and made numerous public, but yet-to-be-proved dating of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and other states.

Hopkins initially told the conservative activist group Worker Veritas that he and other carriers were instructed by Postmaster Robert Weisenbach to bring him all ballots that they picked up after Election Day. Hopkins also claimed to overhear Weisenbach tell another supervisor that he, Weisenbach, was back-dating ballots "to make it appear as though the ballots had been collected on November 3,despite them in fact being collected on November 4 and possibly later," according to an affidavit circulated by the group and purportedly ed by Hopkins.

Hopkins initially said "all but one" of the ballots received Nov. On Nov. Not only did the Erie Times-News review find that only two late-arriving ballots processed at the Erie postal facility have a Nov. Crigslist Austin Texas TX man seeking man had not responded to requests for comment from the Erie Times-News.

Last week, a Postal Service spokesman said that the U. According Visalia white love will find us the Erie Post, Hopkins admitted to investigators that his statements were not true and he ed a new affidavit recanting the claims.

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That committee is the U. It is led by U. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat meet Alexandria VA guys New York state. According to a series of tweets, the first of which was sent at p. Tad Kelley, a Pittsburgh-based U. Postal Service spokesman, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Hopkins denied reports that he Santa Rosa CA girl free dating his initial claims late Tuesday evening, after the Erie Times-News print deadline. Before Trump called him a "brave patriot" Tuesday, Hopkins' allegations had been amplified by the likes of Sen.

Graham, in a statement recently, called on the Department of Justice and the Postal Service to inspect Hopkins' claims, saying he would not allow "allegations of voting irregularities and misconduct to be swept under the rug. The two Project Veritas videos of Hopkins, the first of which his identity is anonymous, his voice is distorted and his face is blurred, have been viewed thousands Erie times on social media.

Project Veritas claimed that the fundraising site had frozen thebarring Hopkins from drawing funds Corona CA pick up lines to use on girls it. The appeared to have been removed by 11 p. Project Veritas also claimed Hopkins had been placed on unpaid leave, worker the Erie Times-News dating not yet verified that statement.

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Project Veritas has circulated similar, unproven claims of Postal Service back-dating in Michigan and another part of Pennsylvania. The claim about back-dating postmarks free sex Greenville South Carolina Michigan, though unproven, would still be a moot point because the state did not accept any ballots received after Election Day.

Pennsylvania law also required all mail-in and absentee ballots to be received by 8 p. However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in September granted a request from Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to accept mail-in and absentee ballots received within three days of the election as long as there was no proof those ballots were sent after Election Day. The Pennsylvania Republican Party appealed the romantic dates Los Angeles to the United States Supreme Court, which deadlocked on the issue last month.

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The GOP refiled the case, which the court declined to expedite before the election. President Donald Trump's campaign in recent days has sought to the lawsuit.

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Though the ballots were made part of Erie County's vote total Friday, a court order Monday requires that those votes be removed from any county's tally until lawsuits are resolved. Though the Erie Post Office only postmarked two ballots Nov. Six of the seven were processed and postmarked Nov. Even though all late-arriving mail-in ballots are currently not permitted to be part of the total vote count, Anderson and Supervisor of Elections Tonia Fernandez said the office would try to "reconcile" which of the seven ballots were sent after Election Day.

By the end of Tuesday, five of the seven ballots had been matched is Columbus Ohio OH wallace dating their envelopes. Anderson noted that the inclusion of those ballots was a "clerical error" that the elections office caught on its own and that there was no "ill-intent" involved.

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Even if the late-arriving ballots are not included internet dating scams Bellevue WA Erie County's vote totals when the Board of Elections certifies its count, they would make little change in the presidential race. With the five votes removed, President-elect Joe Biden received 62 votes a loss of three ; President Donald Trump received 58 votes a loss of two ; Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen received eight votes and there were two write-ins.

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Erie County completed Greensboro area speed dating final, unofficial count of all ballot types late Tuesday. Biden had 68, votes to Trump's 66, votes — a margin of 1, votes. Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen had 1, votes. There were also write-in votes for president.

Contact Matthew Rink at mrink timesnews.

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Follow him on Twitter at ETNrink. Facebook Twitter. Only 2 ballots that arrived late and had Nov. Matthew Rink Erie Times-News.