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She is a badass, hilarious, female detective who, above all else, always supports the ones she free speed dating in Detroit Michigan MI most. Rosa may keep a lot of personal details about herself from the rest of the Nine-Nine, but when it comes down to it, there's no one she considers family more than her squad. She goes all-in on her friendships and has proven what a fantastic friend she is time and time again throughout the series.

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However, as the show progresses, the viewers see the real side of Rosa - the caring friend.

In Episode 9 of Season 3, the precinct welcomes two officers from Sweden as a part of an investigation. Rosa and Jake teamed up with the officers but found them annoying very soon because of their condescending attitude.

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However, one thing Jake and Rosa were also surprised by was the openness the detectives had and the extent to which they were aware of their personal lives. Although Jake and Rosa made fun of it initially, they realized how different their friendship was. At this point, the fans see Rosa coming out of her comfort zone and making a deliberate effort to talk more openly with Jake - even online chat rooms San Bernardino CA free Jake come up with an anniversary gift for Amy.

After Rosa was offered a promotion to become the Date native Topeka KS man of the newest precinct, the viewers see a jealous Amy after Rosa was offered a promotion. Although she tried to deny it at first, Amy made it very clear that she was jealous when she started questioning Rosa's capabilities and leadership skills.

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When Asiankisses Glendale international dating service pressed her on this, Amy said that she had been raised alongside seven brothers, which is why she is very competitive in life. Rosa and Jake have picked up a bunch of playful activities since they were in the academy.

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As per the pact, if one of their hunches goes wrong, they have to do push-ups. Hence this is their way of trusting each other.

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In Episode 21 of season 5, Amy and Rosa team up to catch a criminal who hadn't been able to catch ly. Both of them believed that they were the reason for him escaping the last time. While on a chase, Amy hurt herself and dislocated her knee.

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The fans witness a furious Jake when Doug returns in the second season. Jake was not willing to make a deal with Doug after Merced CA air outdoor swap meet screwed up their deal last time. Rosa also returned the favor when Doug appeared in a later season. This time Jake wanted to strike a deal with Doug to catch a drug lord, Rosa supported his plan even though Doug cheated her and escaped the last time.

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The fourth season of Halloween heist witnessed Amy and Rosa teaming up to win meet Jersey City friends online plaque. When Jake was troubled with his feelings for Amy, Rosa extends her help. She gives him her friend's and told Jake it is important to start dating someone else as Amy was already involved with another person.

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Upon hearing this, Rosa tried to steal the contract as the singer refused to cancel the booking. She failed, but Amy was able to snatch it at the time and burn it off. The fans love seeing the Jake-Rosa duo working on a case. In episode 6 of Season 6, Jake is seen to get very obsessed with a murder investigation. He gets very emotional and promised the mother of the victim dating an iranian Shreveport man he will find out the culprit. However, every clue led him to a dead-end which started worrying him, leading to sleepless nights.

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Rosa interfered here and reassured Jake that she will have his back and supported him throughout the investigation. In the penultimate episode of Season 7, Rosa went alongside Amy to take part in a contest to win a stroller that Amy has been dreaming of. In the final free Eugene dating chat rooms, the fans see a very caring Rosa who took care of Amy during the delivery despite finding the process gross. She prefers writing because she's no good at the talking business. By Vandana Devi Published Mar 12, Share Share Tweet 0.

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