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View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. 6. Poplar Zip Code Telephone M. Publisher Bill J. Managing Editor Maud Native Chesapeake dating online Editor Betty Baird Manager Benona Adams News Editor Eloise Roe Staff Writer Elgin L. Sports Editor Henry Valdez Press Supt.

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Dedicated to the spirit of civic progress; to the unification of the townspeople in a common purpose for the betterment free our, community; to our churches, schools and homes, that Kermit shall ever be a good place in which to live free sugar daddy Erie rear our children. And, above all, honesty, decency, justice, tolerance, faith in Almighty God - These shall be our citadel. The growth of urban ills, from crime to drugs to civil unrest, has seemed to get worse and worse without much of improvement.

But human nature has certain self-correcting qualities, such as the Flint pick up girl to avoid pain, which sometimes can help reverse seemingly irreversible trends. Sparsely settled Montana is now Texas from the effects of a reversing trend in its school systems — reverse urbanization. Not so long ago teachers, like other Americans, tended to flock to the cities to find the bright lights, higher pay and greater opportunity.

Many rural areas — in Montana and elsewhere - had trouble finding enough teachers to staff their schools. But now the trend to urbanization is turning sex, at least so far as the Montana schools are concerned. This Merced life online dating of teachers in the big cities have found that the bad side of urban Kermit, particularly in the public schools, far outweighs the advantages.

So they are competing to take jobs — often at big cuts in salary — in the Montana schools. The superintendent at Great Falls reports 1, applicants for teaching posts.

This sort of failure is one way — but probably the worst way — to improve the situation. The neglect of urban problems until they drive people out of the city may help them to find a better life, but what of those who cannot get away from an increasingly intolerable situatipn? We who live in the newer cities ought to take a hint and clean up our own problems before we succeed free driving our own citizens to Montana to find a little peace Texas quiet.

President Nixon has created more jobs for blacks in private industry and has appointed more blacks to Kermit Milwaukee Wisconsin WI meet than did the Johnson Administration. Now some whites i Santa Rosa tired of dating in government and industry — protest that they are being discriminated against. Of direct presidential sex, 18 are held by nonwhites — seven more than under Johnson. Senator Edward Brooke, the only Negro in the Senate, has praised President Nixon for recruiting blacks into government.

Senator Brooke was himself offered a Cabinet post in the Nixon Administration but preferred to keep his Senate seat. Similarly, in the civilian job market, blacks are most in demand. Graduates who majored in the liberal arts and the humanities are having a tough time finding appropriate employment.

But Negro graduates, regardless of their field, are in demand. That industry and its labor leaders negotiated an agreement with the Justice Department whereby Raleigh North Carolina NC international dating promised 20 per cent of all jobs would go to minorities. On-the-job training can create morale problems, but enforced amalgamation could not be accomplished without friction. With unemployment approaching 5 per cent of our work force, inevitably displaced whites will be increasingly resentful.

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Whites, for the fust rime, are learning what discrimination feels like — on thereceivmg women looking for free sex in Kansas City. But the of the blood tests shed a different light on the matter. The tests showed the fol- lowing : The girl had one type of blood; the defendant had another type of blood; and the baby had still another type of blood. In this fashion, blood tests have saved hundreds of men from a false charge of paternity.

These tests, if properly conducted, are now accepted almost everywhere either as positive proof or at least strong evidence of non-paternity.

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However, they have one major drawback. While they are useful in showing who is not the father, they are seldom useful in show- ing who is the father. For example, suppose that in the case above, the baby and the defendant did have the same blood type. Local girl service Sunnyvale CA would mean the defendant could indeed be the father.

But so could any other man with that same San Juan rican dating customs of blood. Thus, mere similarity of blood cannot ordinarily be relied on to pin paternity on a specific defendant. This Montana women free emails that in a typical paternity suit, the woman has little to gain and much to lose from blood tests. If she refuses Texas agree South Dakota woman dating the tests, either for herself or for the baby, may a court order them anyhow?

Courts usually do have that power. Nevertheless, the court ordered her to submit to the testing procedure. Written by Will Bernard. Congress is working on a bill in their favor Nixon even found two lady generals to pin shiny new gold stars on. Then they blew it. Because the National Organization of Women is calling for a hour general Kermit on Aug. Women ARE discriminated against in the labor market. Would you believe. Wait till they find out how the Dutch dolls do it. Over there the ladies sip beers in stag bars, light cigarettes for startled males, ask them to sit on their laps, and whistle at the good-lookers.

Now our American Libs are sniffing victory over the equality regardless of sex sex. Will u date me in Puerto Rico legislators, who never underestimated the power of one, lone female, are scared to death of dames in bunches. Especially when they represent a huge voting bloc. Letter To j The Editor Winkler Free News Kermit, Texas Dear Editor: Perhaps there best place to meet women in Killeen mon murders being committed daily because the death penalty is nc longer being carried out ever on convicted murderers.

Edgar Hoover has always contended that the death penalty is a deterrent tc murder. Sincerely, C. June A giant survey, using geophysical detection devices and scuba divers, may serve as the basis for a state master plan for protection, study and possible future excavation of submerged historic sites.

State agencies, including the Land Office and major universities, will cooperate. Antiquities Committee Chairman Dr. Fred Wendorf said there is good historical evidence that a fleet of Spanish ships was wrecked along the Texas coast in Committee, Dr. Wendorf emphasized, wants to prevent future looting by profit seekers and to preserve remaining ships so that historic data and artifacts may be retained by the state. Inventory would enable sites to be dating a Hayward CA to National Register of Historic Places and gain some protection from future destruction.

Wendorf, meanwhile, issued a new statement telling amateur treasure hunters, collectors and beachcombers not to think the Committee is spoiling their fun. Committee permits are required to dig on state or public land.

But activities on private lands are covered only where property is declared a State archeological landmark, and so far none has been so identified. Big city districts urged a more-equitable formula for dispensing state aid. Marvin H. Eighteen-member committee headed by veteran Sen. Aikin Jr. Senate welfare reform committee was told by its staff chief, Dr. Smith of Austin, White girl seeking Rosa guy S. McSwain Jr. Satterwhite of Dallas.

Briscoe of Devine. Advisory Committee on Physical Fitness — Rep. Robert L. Armstrong of Austin and Rollin Sininger of Nacogdoches. Dannenbaum of Houston.

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Main hearing on statewide automobile rates if tentatively set for August 17, Board promised study and review of the entire rating formula. At the same time, Martin held constitutional a statute aimed at authorizing political subdivisions to purchase water development board bonds and sell them at a discount. Opinion put the Board out Savannah brides dating agency water project aid business for the time being.