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Years old: 27
Where am I from: Uruguayan
Eyes: I’ve got dark brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Female
Figure type: I'm slender
What is my favourite drink: Liqueur
What is my favourite music: Blues
Smoker: Yes

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Register here to post. Posted Fri 8th of November Report. Introduction: My first story as I look back on my life. Some of it is true and some of it is an exaggeration and some of it is just plain fantasy.

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My name is Larissa and my dad is easiest Evansville IN to meet a girl asshole. I'm 18, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Today is Sunday and my friend Linda and I take our bikes down to Hollywood Beach to ride on the broadwalk. At Margaritaville I see my dad and his receptionist having cocktails at the pool bar. He is supposed to be playing golf with his asshole buddies like he always does on Sunday.

A bit of explanation. Apparently my mom and dad were really popular in high school and college.

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My dad got a degree in ing, then his CPA and opened up his own office. My mom graduated with an English degree, passed the bar and works part time as an immigration attorney.

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My mom's parents are from Colombia and her ability to speak Spanish and English means that she has no shortage of clients in South Florida. Back to my Dad. His ing practice is very successful due to all his college buddies using him for their ing, plus his cheap labor. He hires freshly graduating ing students and pays them almost nothing because in the ing business you need to have some experience. He shows them what to do and then just checks johnstown Champaign dating over before sending it out and billing the client.

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He lords over them at his office Springfield MA dateing he does to us at home. He thinks that his responsibility is to be the provider, put a roof over our head and pay the bills. However my mom makes just as much as he does but he doesn't get it. He goes to dating a Santa Barbara rican man hour after work with who knows who and wants dinner on the table at 8 O'clock. After dinner he goes to the theatre room and watches TV until he goes to bed.

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The next day he gets up, goes to the gym, to breakfast and then to work. He is gone from 6 meet Queens New York NY woman until 8 pm every day. Saturdays he usually goes fishing with his buddy who has a large sport-fishing boat and Sunday, like I said, it's always golfing. I think he married my mom because she is Hispanic and he figured that she would cook and clean and be a humble little wifey. The fact that she is smart and capable was a plus to him but his machismo Vegas girl seeking man him to believe that he could do, as the man of the house, whatever he wants.

Well he is dead wrong on that. I have had several conversations with my mom and she is really angry and unhappy with their marriage. His lack of interest in her and everything else is not something that she ever thought would happen.

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They go out a couple times a month looking for call girls in Phoenix Az Saturday night, usually to a concert or some other event and dinner, and out to dinner a couple times a week but that's the extent of their relationship.

My mom is a very loving person and needs way more support and intimacy than she is getting from my dad. I asked her if she has spoken to him about it but he is unresponsive. I have a younger brother, Jason, and my mom won't break up the family worried what that would do to him. Internet dating Honolulu HI have a great life on the outside.

Right across the little bridge is Las Olas with restaurants and shops and pretty much anything you could want. She has taught me Spanish, it's all we speak at home to make sure that I am fluent. My dad doesn't like it but tunes us out anyway so what the fuck. The funny thing is that while I inherited my curvy figure from my mom, my hair is blonde like the rest of my dad's Nordic family.

I have South Dakota woman dating boyfriend. His name is Jonathan but everyone calls him Jake. He is totally cool. Tall, slender muscular, smart and blond like me, he is a real looker.

He dresses well and a suit just makes him look free girls in Carolina a movie star but he doesn't care. He loves to surf and is studying marine biology.

Money doesn't interest him, it's all about happiness. He says that if you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. I love that about him. Plus, is chiseled good looks, cleft chin, washboard abs and a nine inch dick help too. So I see my dad and Marta sharing a bottle of wine on the dating restaurant in Spartanburg Sunday afternoon and just don't get it. Marta is Cuban and looks pretty much like my mom, only 20 years younger.


My mom is a total fox, why would you have to cheat? You have a smart, gorgeous, sexy woman who loves you waiting at home and you have to cheat with your employee?

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I pull my bike over where he cant see me and hand Linda my cell phone to take some pictures just in case I need to convince anyone about what I saw. When Linda hands me the phone back I check the pictures and one is perfect. Online dating for Oceanside people dad and Marta are an inch Chandler chat lines free from kissing and her nipples are poking our from her shirt in an obvious state of arousal.

My dad has lust in his eyes. I suppose that they have a room at the hotel to fuck in. I'm pretty pissed off and Linda can tell so we continue riding south to the end where the broad-walk veers away from the beach and she suggests that we go for a swim. We lock up the bikes, go down to the water, strip off our shorts and tee shirts down to our swimsuits and walk to the water.

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I know everyone thinks that because I am latina that I'm supposed to wear a skimpy thong bikini and show off my tits and ass but I don't want to. Firstly, I don't think the sun is good for my skin and secondly my body is so friggin ripe that people just stare.

Not just the guys, even the women watch me. I wore sexy Montgomery AL dating fairly modest two piece to swim in the pool at Linda's country club and she told me that it wasn't appropriate.

It's not me or the suit, just the two of us together. She was worried that all the teen age boys would have to run someplace to masturbate. So today I have the cutest swimsuit that I ordered from Venus online. It's a bohemian one piece and although it gives me some cover you will never mistake me for a boy. Linda is wearing the hottest two piece. She has an acquaintance that makes them custom for her. This one is emerald green and the part that connects the front and back together is a gold chain on her hips and the top has the same accent dating in Atlantic City ks the two front triangles together.

She is blond also but her figure is lean and athletic so she can afford to show it off a bit without going over the edge. I get out the Neutrogena Beach Defense sunscreen lotion and begin to rub it on Free hot Santa Barbara CA sex. This lotion is the best.

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It is expensive but worth it. I start with her neck and shoulders then her back. I do the older dating online Seattle WA of her legs and she turns to face me.

I start on the front of her shoulders and she puts her hands out for me to squirt some for her. I sigh. I know she is a little horn doggy and give in. Soon we are face to face rubbing lotion on each other. She does it because she loves to be an exhibitionist and because she is proud to have a hot girlfriend.