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I Mexico MO looking for an honest man

Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U.

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Strictly Journal.

What is my age: 46
Ethnicity: I was born in Colombia
Tone of my eyes: Dark green
What is my gender: I'm female
Figure type: My figure features is quite slim
Smoker: Yes

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Ik Aadnda Gouty. Berry, M. Surgical eases and diseases peculiar to females nade a upectalty.

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Officii Houk Frnrn toa. Walker, M? Halley, M. Llewellyn's drug store.

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Residence in the Tucker block, opuosite tee Christian ouurca W. Monroe street. Mexico, to. WTO-lyr Thos. Winans, M. Office Dr. Will oratlce In all tbe Courts of tbe State. Will practice In all the eourof tbe State.

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IF you want to kU, rent or exchange your property give him a call or address him by 'all. Regular graduate of two homospathic colleges. Terms reasonable. Any reference given that may be required. Parties desiring mv service should notify me in advance. AU business connected with an auctioneer promptly attended to.

Parties can ecure my services by postal just the same as seeing me personally. Haxdik, Massage near Norfolk meeting. Call WAT. Asst Cashier. CojMtal raid in Deposits received and caid on demand.

Mexico weekly ledger from mexico, missouri ยท 1

Mexico, - - Missouri. WIU practice in aU be courts of the state. Special attentionHawaii dating pack online to collections. Salary AM expenses paw. Appiy as oaos, ijasase. WMentlon this paper. Capital paid In 1 1 00, Wiujak mm, President.

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Aas't J ashler. Uwts Hord.

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Mature ladies dating Chicago Illinois Maraaduke. Califoenia is for Thurman for for Vice-President. Blaine has positively refused the nomination. He is no hog and w evidently knows when he has enough; Eveky Democrat in the county should vote at the Democratic primary. None but Democrats will be permitted to vote.

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Treloar, one of the best teachers in the State, will have charge of the musical department at Hardin College next year. Son of the politicial strikers in Mexico are surely laboring under a.

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Go slow, boys, dog days are not here yet. John A. A large of people are now visiting in Mexico and attending the closing exercises of Hardin College, the best college for girls in the West.

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Our esteemed contemporary says look out for the campaign liar. Rodgers, County Surveyor of Audrain county, is attending the State Surveyor's convention in Columbia, where he re a most important paper. Charles is one of the most prominent and efficient surveyors in the State, and is worthy the position of esteem he occupies with ail who know him.

Booth, of Franklin county, this district, is in Audrain and a candidate for Attorney-General. Conservative dating Cedar Rapids is a thorough, unflinching Democrat and a gentleman of sterling worth and would make a first-class official.

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He has a host of friends in Audrain county and is making more. The better the people know him the better they like him.

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He will stand close acquaintance. Senator S. Claycomb, of Jasper county, called upon us this morning.

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He is a candidate for Lieutenant-Governor. He, while in the House and Senate, stood up square free over 50 chat rooms Scottsdale AZ the interests of the people against railroad and all corporations.

James W. Boyd, of St. While he is somewhat of a stranger to our people, he comes with the very best of recommendations, and all who know him here are warm supporters of his candidacy.

As will be seen by a clipping from the Kansas City Times in this issue, the people of online free dating Atlantic City district who know him are all solid. Rechow, who lives in the Southern part of the district, is a candidate for the Kansas Citv Court of Appeals. Rechow is in the prime of life; a talented lawyer backed by the bar and party from nis portion of the Dating Beaumont TX id. His personal and public life have been above reproach, and his reputation as an attorney is the very best.

Those who know him in Audrain are loud in his praise as a legal light and a genial gentleman.

Voters should consider Mr. Rechow's claims before casting their ballots. The school board re-elected all the old teachers except J. Gass, who has reed to accept the guperin tendency of the Fulton schools. The school board showed good judgment in this matter and passed a fitting endorsement of the good work done by onr teachers.

Torreyson was elected in place of J. When the letter from a prominent citizen of Nodaway county in re gard to Morehouse being a lieuten ant of a noted plundering militia company during the war, was brought to the attention of our people it was branded as a lie by the men who wear the Morehouse col lar. The Governor Corona CA i dating a loser sent for by wire and was expected to so denounce it, He came to Mexico and, as we understand it, admits the facts as presented and says he would do so again and then at tempts to explain.

His explana tion is not acceptable even to his friends or his organ. We have r.

Mexico weekly ledger

We understand that 10, copies of the campaign lies concerning Gov. Morehouse's war record have been printed here and will be distributed throughout this county. It would be interesting to know who is paying tor this dirty work. Mexico Intelligencer. W henever a campaign opens m Audrain county our friend of the Intelligencer, we "understand," lies awake at night trying to think up some "dirty work" and find who will date polish girl Torrance CA for it.

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He need not be uneasy or jealous about this matter, as there is no "dirty work" being done without his assistance, and there will be no "dirty work" done in this county romantic date ideas Huntington his assistance. Neither 10, nor 1, copies of Morehouse's war record are being circulated in this county. The letter written by a prominent citizen of his own county, containing history, appeared in the weekly Lbdger only this and nothing more.

No wonder it paralyzed the Morehouse politicians it speaks for itself.

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In regard to it being a "lie," we will say that responsible citizens of Mexico, one of whom is R. Mc-Kinney, knows the writer of that letter and says he is responsible. Further, we "understand" that Morehouse does not deny the charges, girls in Montana for dating tries to explain them away.

Ronald w. baker

How well dating in the Atlanta Ga east does this is evidenced by the fact that his organ in this city does not deem his explanation worthy of publication. Maybe Cook has again come to the conclusion he did a few weeks ago when Morehouse furnished a document for publication in regard to which, we "understand,"heCook said "Governor Morehouse is an ignorant as3.

At the same time wc don't think our contemporary would support a man for Governor perfect date for a Ohio girl its editor thought and publicly stated was an "ignorant ass," unless its editor had used him or thought he could use him. If thereis anything else in regard to the gubernatorial race which it would be "interesting to know," all our con temporary has to do is to ask for it. Everybody knows"wlio paid" for the "dirty work" it has done in the gubernatorial race in this county. It is true the reward was small, but should be appreciated in view of the services rendered.

Don't be uneasy, friend Cook, we "understand" when any dirty work is to be done you will be called upon, and will know "who is paying for it. Booth, candidate for At torney-General. Treloar has been added to the musical faculty of Hardin College. With Schirmacher and Treloar, this school will lead all others in the West in musical education.

Mexico was crowded with farmers to-day and all 'who - were able to meet D. Francis expressed their approval of "bis candidacy for Governor, of Missouri.