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The Arthur Village Board of Trustees is made up of a group of individuals who are dedicated to serving the public.

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The premise behind FOIA is that the public has a right to know what the government is doing. It is the policy of the Village of Arthur to provide assistance in obtaining that information.

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Arthur H. The circuit court of Winnebago County adjudicated Arthur H. Arthur Jr. A majority of the appellate court reversed the finding of neglect and remanded this cause to the circuit court for a dispositional hearing. For the reasons that follow, we affirm the holding of the appellate court reversing the woman seeking man around Atlanta Georgia GA of neglect with respect to Arthur Jr.

We reverse the appellate court's judgment remanding this cause to the circuit court. Lorraine H. Lorraine is the mother of five children: Niya N. The instant appeal involves only Arthur H. The petition asked the circuit court to declare the children wards of fun date nights in Kentucky court.

On that same day, the circuit court held a temporary shelter care hearing with respect to the State's petition. The circuit court found, based upon Lorraine's stipulation to the allegations in the petition, that there was probable cause to believe that San Francisco girls online dating of the four children named in the petition was a neglected minor. Thereafter, a discussion commenced with respect to Lorraine's fifth child, Arthur Jr. His name is Arthur H[]. THE COURT: Clarify for me, does Arthur reside with someone in Milwaukee or was Arthur just in Milwaukee at the time that protective custody was taken of the other four in that he was to come back to Rockford and live with mom except under these circumstances?

In re: arthur h.

GLORIA [DCFS investigator]: I came to the home the first time and [Lorraine] said that the minor was in Milwaukee and she didn't know when he's gonna come back, he was residing-he is residing with his father and she doesn't have a way to get him back because she doesn't have transportation. She didn't inform me of that.

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That's all I know. I would ask you to get that on file by the close of business today. In addition to sua sponte ordering the assistant State's Attorney to prepare and file a neglect petition with respect to Arthur Jr. The temporary shelter care hearing was then continued until March 29, Pursuant to the order of the circuit court, later in the day on March 23,the State filed a three-count neglect petition captioned "In the Interest of Arthur H. In addition, this petition also alleged that Free online dating chat Collins MS Jr.

On March 29,the court d the temporary shelter care hearing.

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However, Lorraine was unable to provide the address of respondent's residence in Milwaukee. Rice also stated that respondent was one of three fathers asian dates Danbury CT Lorraine's children who lived in Milwaukee, and that Lorraine was also unable to provide the addresses of the other two fathers as well.

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The court 50 first dates in Maryland inquired of Lorraine as to the whereabouts of Arthur Jr. Lorraine told the court that Arthur Jr. She explained that when she went to Milwaukee, she stayed at her mother's home, and she only saw respondent when he came to that location; Lorraine did not visit respondent's home.

The circuit court judge found Lorraine in direct contempt of court for withholding information about Arthur Jr. The court ordered that Lorraine was to remain in custody until Arthur Jr. On March 30,the parties reconvened in court for a status hearing. Christina Gloria, a DCFS investigator, stated that she had spoken to Lorraine's mother in Milwaukee, and the mother stated that she would "go and look for Arthur.

The court requested that it be informed when Arthur Jr. And I'm not going to release her until he is found date online free Rapids his safety is evaluated. According to Rice, respondent stated that Arthur Jr. Rice also informed the court that respondent told her that Arthur Jr.

The court set a pretrial conference for May 25,and ordered that respondent appear in court on that date with Arthur Jr. The record also indicates that respondent had not been served prior to this date.

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The court then released Lorraine from custody. The service plan detailed the progress of the four children and Lorraine since the time the children were removed from Lorraine's home, and contained recommendations for services for the family. The service plan contained virtually no mention of Arthur Jr. That has not been done.

The court also set a new pretrial conference date for Chicago Illinois web dating 10,and noted that "[b]ecause we were unaware of Arthur, Jr. Maybe that is why there is some confusion with the department with the discretion to place with relative placement or foster care.

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On June 27,filipina date in Tyler TX parties reconvened for a status hearing. The court was informed by the State that Arthur Jr. The assistant State's Attorney represented that "[t]he child is in foster care. You gave [guardianship and custody] to DCFS at the last court date.

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On August 10,the parties appeared for a pretrial conference. Respondent was present in court, and was provided with a copy of the petition for adjudication of wardship. In addressing respondent, the circuit court noted that "[t]he dating a vietnamese Merced guy in the petition are all directed at conduct on the part of Arthur's mother, Lorraine.

There's nothing in here that is directed specifically towards you. On October 25,the parties were back in court. During discussions, it was noted by counsel that the "counts in the petition are ambiguous as to exactly whom the allegations are towards," and requested that the State clarify the counts prior to pretrial. On December 18,it was represented to the court that a preliminary home study had been done in Wisconsin that indicated free dating in the Utah Arthur Jr.

Counsel for respondent stated that this appeared to confirm the fact that Arthur Jr. On January 30,the State filed a three-count amended petition for adjudication of wardship with respect to all five children. The only change made in the petition was to Kennewick WA distance dating II.

ly, this count alleged that the minors were placed at risk of harm due to an injurious environment. On May 23,the trial court held an adjudicatory hearing on the State's amended petition. The State's first witness was Angela Harris, protection investigator with DCFS, whose testimony related solely to a DCFS investigation of Lorraine which occurred several months prior to the series of events leading up to the filing of the instant petition for adjudication of wardship.

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Harris testified that DCFS received a hotline call on August 15,that Lorraine, without the authorization of a physician, had removed her son Earl from his apnea monitor. Harris stated that, in addition, the caller alleged that Lorraine had missed Earl's doctor's appointments for the apnea clinic. Within 24 hours of the call, Harris went to Lorraine's home to investigate the allegations.

Harris testified that on that occasion, all five of Lorraine's children, including Arthur Jr. According to Harris, at the time of the visit, Pueblo man white woman dating children were all appropriately dressed and were watching television and playing.

In re arthur h., jr.

Harris testified that Lorraine admitted that she had removed Earl from the apnea monitor. However, when Harris explained the importance of the monitor, Lorraine reattached it to Earl.

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Harris further testified that Loraine stated that she missed the apnea clinic appointments because she had no transportation to the clinic. Harris stated that she made some referrals to help Lorraine get to the doctor's appointments. According to Harris, the children were not removed from Lorraine's home at that time because Lorraine had links and support within the community.

Harris explained that there were three other agencies which had access to Lorraine's home to see friendship dating Alexandria, and to make sure that Earl was getting the medical help that he needed. Harris further testified that she was unaware of any hernia problem with respect to Earl. Harris did not testify as to whether the visit led to an "indicated" report.

Gloria testified with respect to the events immediately leading up to the State's filing of the petition for adjudication of wardship at issue in this case. On February 7,Gloria investigated an allegation of medical neglect against Lorraine.

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According to Gloria, when she went to Lorraine's apartment, all of Lorraine's children were present except for Arthur Jr. At the time of her visit, Gloria observed that Earl "was alert, smiling," and that he "appeared to be developmentally on target. Gloria's examination of Lorraine's home revealed that, although the home's kitchen was clean, there was "garbage" in the home, which Gloria described as "dirty diapers folded on the floor.

Gloria testified that she spoke to Lorraine about Earl's apnea monitor and whether speed dating queens Petersburg immunizations were current. According to Gloria, Lorraine told her that the doctor stated that Earl was to use the apnea monitor until he was six months old. Because Earl had reached eight months of age, Lorraine discontinued using the device.

Gloria also stated that Lorraine told her that she was getting ready to take the children to the doctor to get their immunizations. Gloria testified that prior to meeting with Lorraine, she reviewed Lorraine's case file, and discovered that the prior DCFS investigation by Harris ended in free Odessa area chat rooms "indicated" report. Gloria stated that, before she left Lorraine's home on that day, she told Lorraine to arrange to have the children immunized.

Gloria testified that, about one month later, on March 13,she returned to Lorraine's home to investigate information that Lorraine had not taken Earl to get his immunizations. According to Gloria, Lorraine stated that she could not take the children to the doctor because she did not have transportation. Gloria testified that, during that visit, she observed that Earl's shirt was dirty and that he "was kind of wheezing. Lorraine told Gloria that Laredo TX dating connection review of the pipes had broken, and that someone was scheduled to come out and fix them.

Gloria testified that she decided to get Lorraine a family educator, who would link Lorraine to resources of help within the community.