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Matt Vermont dating

After only internet dating Arthur IL year of dating, Matt and I proposed to each other at sunrise overlooking Lake Champlain in Vermont - a trip planned to celebrate my 34th birthday. Then, we deed and bought my engagement ring together.

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Years: 33
Color of my hair: Chestnut
Favourite drink: Mulled wine
Favourite music: I like to listen reggae
My hobbies: Swimming

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And now, a late-night TV commercial for a product that doesn't quite exist. We open on a well-dressed couple enjoying a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant. As Vermont online date camera closes in, we see them gaze tenderly into matt other's eyes. The camera closes tighter on the partner on the left, who chews obnoxiously, oblivious to the bits of food tumbling out of their mouth.

The partner on the right is visibly nauseated. Cut to a group of friends in the stands at a ballgame. They're all laughing except for one guy with a stuffed mouth who dating sadly at his half-eaten hot dog. Cut to a large family happily eating at a dinner table with a white Scottish Huntington WV asian dating services sitting obediently nearby. They're all wearing Vermont Curtains, including the dog.

T here has never been — nor, sadly, is there ever likely to be — a TV commercial for the Cuisine Curtain.

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The product exists solely in the form of a single prototype, which isn't for sale: Red with white polka dots, it's essentially a mouth-size shower curtain that hangs from your nostrils. Beyond that, it's simply an exceedingly meme-able product of Matt Benedetto 's exceedingly active imagination.

The Cuisine Curtain is among the most popular of Benedetto's Unnecessary Inventionswhich the year-old Burlington resident started showcasing on social media in March. It's an to date someone in Amarillo TX viral line of essentially imaginary products that are wildly overdeed date in Perrysburg Ohio solve problems that don't need solving or could be solved in much simpler ways. If Rube Goldberg had teamed up with Steve Martin during his early prop comedy days to settle modern society's most banal conundrums, they might have produced something like Unnecessary Inventions — though they'd have had an easier time if, like Benedetto, they'd had a 3D printer.

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Take Benedetto's Hoverbrellaan umbrella attached to a drone that hovers above the user, leaving their hands free and dry. Or the iDangle San Antonio Texas TX first date, a "NASA-grade" suction cup on a plastic wire that hangs from your ceiling and holds your smartphone so you can scroll through Twitter and Instagram speed dating Davenport IA black bed without awkwardly craning your neck or making your screen do that annoying rotate-flip thing.

And don't forget the FlopFlipssandals that leave backward footprints on the beach to confound would-be stalkers. Those jokey inventions and dozens more have made Benedetto something of an overnight online sensation, though not one of them will ever see commercial production. Since Unnecessary Inventions launched in March, it has attracted more thanfollowers on Instagram and 40, combined likes and follows on Facebook.

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Unnecessary Inventions videos dating LADbible and other online media outlets have been viewed millions of times. Every week, Benedetto rolls out two to three new inventions, producing mock to semi-functional versions of them using the 3D printer at his Burlington headquarters in the Hood Plant. Each gets posted online with a catchy name, a catalog-style description matt professional-looking product shots, often featuring a deadpan Benedetto.

Though his creations aren't for sale, the upscale presentation makes it look like they are. Clearly, Benedetto is more than just a funny guy with high-tech toys. He's a serial entrepreneur and marketing whiz who started his first business, a crocheted ski hat company, at age 14 Vermont the New York Mesa AZ sex meets suburbs. By the time free online chatting in Hampshire IL arrived at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, he had expanded into all kinds of ski apparel, much of it worn by the X Games athletes he was then sponsoring.

Benedetto switched gears just as iPhone accessories were exploding.

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You may have seen his fabric-wrapped charging cables at J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and other global retailers. Lately, he's begun courting the jet set with a sleek line of boutique travel items.

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And he's got side gigs on top of side gigs, from drone photography to interior de. Despite its popularity, Unnecessary Inventions is the one pursuit from 100 free Olympia WA dating he hasn't made a cent — though he hasn't yet tried. If Benedetto's FingerTrack a miniature treadmill for your fingers or FingerBeanies tiny knit caps to keep your fingertips warm were real, one could easily envision them being hawked on late-night TV alongside such modern marvels as the Shake Weight, the Tiddy Bear and the Snuggie — real items that likewise offer elaborately dumb solutions to what are, at best, negligible problems.

That almost-realism is part of the appeal: You might purchase Avocado on a Stick as a gag gift, right?

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At the very least, you have one fashion-backward friend who would earnestly buy a CargoMAX — an oversize cargo pouch that Velcros to your pants, naturally. He suggests picturing a Venn diagram of utility, entrepreneurial savvy, believability and sheer idiocy.

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When he landed at St. Mike's inBenedetto had already been running his hat company, EC Headwear — originally East Coast Headwear — for about four years. His mom taught him to crochet when he was 13 because, he recalls, "crocheted hats were kind of a thing. Word got around, demand grew, and he soon set up a website date an asian Asheville NC take custom orders. Eventually Benedetto started researching overseas manufacturing sex dates Wilmington. He began deing hats and having them made in China.

Kennedy International Airport to pick up his wares. After high school, Benedetto followed his older brother to St. He pitched the school's business department on his company and was given an office in an administration building, from which he ran EC Headwear for all four years.

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Such arrangements have become more common as more first-year students arrive at school with their Sunrise dating culture online businesses, according to Robert Letovsky, a professor of business administration and ing at St. But inhe says, Benedetto's situation was rare. Entrepreneurs are doers, and he's a doer. He goes on to tell a story about when Matt attended a big ski race at the age of 8 or 9.

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The boy approached world-class racers and asked them for their race bibs. At St. Mike's, Benedetto roomed with other serious skiers and skied for the school want to meet in Wilmington NC his first year. As a sophomore, though, he began traveling to ski events to promote EC Headwear rather than compete on the slopes. One such event, at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, altered his trajectory forever.

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Benedetto was taking a run on the freestyle course after the races were over. He hit a jump but missed the landing. That's when he started screaming. His veggie dating Hampshire leg mangled, Benedetto had to be helicoptered off the mountain. He endured 17 surgeries over the course of a four-and-a-half-month hospital stay and was lucky just to keep the leg.

Benedetto keeps an X-ray on his deeper dating Phoenix Arizona AZ. With five metal rods and 21 screws, his leg almost appears to have been fixed by a mad inventor with an erector set. Benedetto didn't walk again for almost two years. He maintains the fit physique of a high-level athlete and is still an avid skier, but the injury will stay with him for the rest of his life. His right foot is still paralyzed, so he drives using his left to work the gas and brake pedals.

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Unable to ski during his recovery, Benedetto eventually found his enthusiasm for the industry waning. Some people's good date restaurants Pasadena are derailed by trauma, but for Benedetto, obstacles have always been sparks. Just ask his mom. It's just who he is.

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During his senior year at St. Mike's, Benedetto transformed his company from a ski apparel brand into a lifestyle one and rechristened it Eastern Collective. He landed an internship at Winooski's Fuse Marketing, where he took a job upon graduation in That's also when he hatched an idea for a better iPhone charging cable. Plus, they were speed dating Stuart FL chintzy. Leaning on his clothing background and his manufacturing connections in China, Benedetto developed fabric-woven cables and branded them as more rugged, longer lasting and more attractive than the white-plastic stock cables that come with new phones.

He launched his first cables in September He had already deed his winter clothing line.

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Once he sold through that stock, he transitioned Eastern Collective San Diego Ca brides free contact phone accessories exclusively. Benedetto's new venture was growing exponentially. But there was one problem. Because Apple's connectors are proprietary, he couldn't secure a patent for his cable des. Even if he could have, his lawyers advised, it wouldn't have been hard for another company to produce legal knockoffs. As accessories giants such as Belkin began issuing their own woven cables, Benedetto's business cooled.

Crew killed its accessory line, and other retailers were dropping him for cheaper alternatives. So he reinvented his business yet again, this time as Sondre Travela boutique travel accessories line.

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The company's first Fontana woman seeking men was the Voyage PillowBenedetto's reimagining of the ubiquitous, bulky U-shaped travel pillow. His is both compact and stylish — for a pillow. To unveil his new product, Benedetto turned to that great equalizer of capitalism: Kickstarter.

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As the boxes of pillows stacked in the storage loft of his office reveal, the pillow has remained popular — it was among the top 25 best-selling travel pillows on Amazon last year. Given his track record, Benedetto local sluts Plano TX have had a successful launch without crowdfunding, but he says the method offers certain advantages that traditional business models lack.

For one, he never has to worry about overruns, since his backers fully fund his initial production run. And, more importantly, repeat customers.