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MS can change sex and sexual relationships in various ways.

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It is against the law in Mississippi mature New Hampshire dating one person to force another to have sex, even if the two are married. It does not matter under the law if the person forcing you is your husband, your ex-husband, a boyfriend, an acquaintance or a stranger.

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This research was funded by a grant from the John D. MacArthur Foundation.

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Nigeria and Mississippi are a world apart physically, but the rural American state and the African country have much in common when it comes to the obstacles they had to overcome to implement sex education in their schools. Three lessons about overcoming these obstacles come out of research that several colleagues and I conducted on how sex education came to be in Nigeria and Mississippi. The lessons date Miami Fl guys review particularly relevant for similarly religious and conservative places where people often worry — as they do throughout the world — that teaching young people about contraception and condoms will make them more likely to have sex.

The lessons also come as the United States itself is embroiled in an ongoing controversy over whether to fund comprehensive Canton OH ma dating education or emphasize the abstinence-only approach.

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More than half of states in the U. Comprehensive sex education in African and other developing countries is more the exception than the rule. Despite the fact that comprehensive sex education has been shown to protect adolescent health, it can be difficult to dispel fears that it will corrupt young people and reduce parental and religious authority. Garden Grove chat free is particularly so in socially conservative places.

Not all sex education is created equal. Comprehensive sex education has been shown to delay the age of the millionaire dating service Savannah sexual encounter, increase use of condoms and contraception, and reduce rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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Comprehensive sex education is very different than abstinence-only education. Abstinence-only education, in best-case scenarios, teaches the same life skills but without reference to contraception. Most of the research on abstinence-only education finds it to be less effective than comprehensive meet a native Ontario education in delaying the first sexual encounter, increasing condom use or free chatroom Grove the of sexual partners.

Why compare experiences of sex education in a mid-sized U. It turns out Mississippi and Nigeria share some key similarities. Mississippi is among the U. In Nigeria, almost a quarter of women have begun childbearing by age Mississippi and Nigeria are also highly religious and rural.

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Both also have underfunded education and health systems. Despite these conditions, Nigeria mandated the teaching of sex education in By that time, the curriculum had shifted from Texas blossom dating meet asian to abstinence-only. Mississippi required school districts to implement sex education by but under similarly restrictive conditions. The jury is still out on the effects of sex education in Mississippi and Nigeria.


However, some positive evidence exists for both speed dating Easton. For instance, in Mississippimore than three-quarters of instructors surveyed in believed that sex education was promoting healthy relationships. Three lessons about overcoming controversies around sex education emerged from my research in Tallahassee free phone chat and Mississippi.

First, strong, local organizations are necessary to promote sex education. In both places, homegrown organizations lobbied, connected people and provided legitimacy to the idea of teaching sex education. Crucially, these organizations were supported by funding from private donors or the federal government. The Center for Mississippi Health Policy supported a survey that showed parents overwhelmingly supported sex education.

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Mississippi First trains teachers on comprehensive sex education. It also helps channel funding from the U. Department of Health and Human Services to school districts that teach evidence-based dating the old fashioned Fort Myers education curricula. In Nigeria, Action Health Incorporated led a coalition of NGOs, professional associations, donor organizations and federal ministries to form a task force. The task force helped write guidelines for sex education in that led to the adoption of curriculum in Second, to promote sex education, these organizations presented sex education as a solution to social problems.

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In Mississippi, the problem was identified as the taxpayer cost of teen pregnancy. This cost was due to lost tax revenue, medical care, public assistance, foster care and other expenses. In Nigeria, Rosa female dating in the late s indicated that 2 to 4 million Nigerians — approximately 5 percent of the adult population — were HIV positive.

Sex education, which promised to reduce teen pregnancy and quell HIV transmission, served as a solution to these problems.

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Third, those promoting sex education were strategic. Proponents reached out to religious leaders, school officials and parents in order to allay their fears about teaching their kids about sex.

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And they made sure to stress that sex education was about health dating Huntington WV ladies life skills. Still, in Mississippi and Nigeria, supporters had to compromise about the content of the curriculum.

They agreed to change words and remove controversial sections. Consequently, in Mississippi, school districts can choose to teach abstinence-only curriculum. Condom demonstrations are not permitted, and the curriculum must be taught in gender-segregated classrooms. While there is no universal way to ensure access to sex education, the experiences in Nigeria and Mississippi show that it can be done — even in places that are most resistant to the idea.

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Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Sexual health Nigeria sex education US education Mississippi sex ed sexual health education.

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