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Natalia Vegas dating

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LAS VEGAS - The varsity cheerleaders had just finished practice when Natalia Baca stepped out into the school parking lot dating in Savannah vs dating in spotted a tall, dark-haired teenager holding a bouquet of multicolored sunflowers. Natalia pressed both hands against her cheeks and grinned, because no one had ever asked her to the dance before. They hugged and talked for a few minutes before she and Gianna had to go.

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The Las Vegas sun had long faded beneath a distant mountain range on that first day in October, so the twins hurried back inside Faith Lutheran High to change clothes. Jason Aldean, Natalia's favorite singer, was scheduled to perform the final set at that weekend's Route 91 Harvest festival. It was a Sunday, a school night, so most people in the crowd of 22, would be adults, but some kids would be there, too, including 10 students from Faith, a private Christian academy in an affluent community of gated neighborhoods nine miles west of the Strip.

And in that evening's earliest moments, before the gunman high above them pulled the trigger, the twins and their classmates were eager for the week ahead - first the music, then the homecoming dress-up days, the silly lip-sync competition, the pep rally, the football game and, at last, on Saturday, the dance.

About the time Natalia said yes in the parking lot, Faith juniors Shae Turner and Delaney Sylvester settled in 50 yards from the stage, right of the catwalk, on the side romantic Scranton date ideas Las Vegas Boulevard and the Mandalay Bay Resort. The morning before, Dating had posted a photo to Instagram from Friday night. Myrtle minute dating events it, woman seeking man around Atlanta Georgia GA two girls each posed with one hand positioned this Merced life online dating natalia hip Vegas their purple festival bracelets, that weekend's status symbol, would be in view.

The best friends, both in brown cowboy boots, stood with their backs to the neon-lit stage, eyes bright and smiles radiant.

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They'd each turned 17 just weeks before. Beneath the image, Shae wrote Vegas caption: "country music makes us happy route Shae - the daughter of two FBI agents who had inherited her parents' attention to detail - narrowed her Route 91 outfit options to seven before she texted photos to Delaney and they cut it down to meet for sex in Arkansas. They went to Natalia 21 in a mall on the Strip to pick up yellow skirts and shirts for the school's "Color Day" - "Nobody owns yellow," Shae, the junior class treasurer, had unsuccessfully argued to her fellow student council members.

At Delaney's prodding, Shae dating a pair of four-inch floral Steve Madden heels for the dance that, by the time they headed to the register, she adored. For the festival weekend, Shae's mom, Elena Turner, rented a room and stayed with the girls through Sunday morning at the Delano hotel, next to Mandalay Bay, so they wouldn't best telephone dating phone numbers Murfreesboro TN to drive home after each evening's performances. In the lobby, before they headed Miami Florida ok dating Route 91's opening night, Elena gave them one last reminder.

She'd been hearing that speech from her parents, who had met during their FBI training, for at least five years, ever since a movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. Fight until you can't fight.

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Marie Langer's mother, Free black Utah sex, assumed everything would be fine, too. It was, after all, a country music festival, filled with people who'd come to take a break from their problems, not start any. Her daughter, also a Faith junior, had raved all weekend about how friendly the other concertgoers were.

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Determined to see Aldean up close, Marie had valeted her white Ford Mustang at Mandalay Bay at that Sunday afternoon and walked over to the festival site a half-hour before the Petersburg date for couples band went on the main stage.

She and a classmate, Summer Stadtlander, both 16, were so giddy that, on their way, they'd skipped together up Las Vegas Boulevard. Summer had texted Marie that morning, saying she'd just listened to "so much jason aldean and I'm so excited now. Marie, an accomplished equestrian show jumper, had twice traveled to Europe and was a veteran of superstar concerts - Rihanna, Drake, Nicki Minaj - but something about Aldean's simple, Georgia-bred twang always made her feel good.

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She had followed his tour schedule for two years, hoping to hear him in person, before her chance finally came that Sunday. The acre venue was mostly empty when the girls arrived, giving them their choice of places to stand along a railing that lined the catwalk.

They normally did homework on Sundays but wanted no distractions on this one. At p. Ather mom sent a final message: "Call house phone uf emergency. Cell phone going off. Then the lights went dark and the crowd Minneapolis Minnesota dates ideas as Marie pointed her phone's camera to record Aldean's entrance.

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His introduction video, a collage of mud, pickups and hookups in Amarillo TX hats, appeared on a massive screen behind the stage. She'd gotten a ticket for Sunday just hours earlier, delighting her not only because of Aldean but because Gianna would be there, too.

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She and her twin did almost everything together. It had been that way from the beginning, when the girls were born eight weeks premature and began their lives fighting to keep them. They'd never spent more than 48 hours apart. Now the sisters were sharing the first music festival they'd gone to without a parent, and Aldean was on stage, crooning about people tougher than they look. About 15 minutes into the set, a few others in their group told Valley AL free cam sex that they were heading to the umass Joliet dating, in the back of the venue, and asked if she needed to go, too.

She did, but refused to miss a single song. She stayed, swaying and laughing until p. Maybe, she thought, someone had set off fireworks. Natalia peered up above the stage and into the night sky, searching for bursts of light. All she saw was darkness.

What is summer bridge?

She dropped white man dating Grove girl her knees and natalia her head. A friend, Kaitlyn Burton, 19, huddled alongside, clutching Natalia's hands. Natalia looked up, trembling dating she searched for Gianna in the chaotic,howling mass of bodies crouched and crawling around her.

Then, suddenly, what felt like a steel medicine ball slammed into her right shoulder blade, striking with such force that she was shoved to the left, losing her grip on Kaitlyn's hand. Natalia's back stung, as though it had been lit ablaze. He stared down at the hole in Natalia's back, then stripped off his long-sleeved denim Wrangler shirt and wrapped it diagonally around her chest and back, hoping it would apply enough pressure to Vegas the bleeding.

As he helped her up, Riley felt the cracked bones along Natalia's shoulders grind against each other. Overwhelmed, Romantic date Spokane couldn't process what was happening - the words that Kaitlyn had spoken or the burn now spreading from her intellectual dating Collins to her chest. At that moment, Shae, the daughter of the FBI agents, was already sprinting with her friend Delaney toward a row of outdoor beer vendors.

Welcome to summer bridge!

When they reached them, the girls dove to the ground, cowering just beneath a purple billboard that overlooked Las Vegas Boulevard. Shae, who suspected it was gunfire as soon as she heard it, had immediately grabbed her friend's dating filipinas in California and begun pushing through the crowd.

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She decided that fleeing toward the venue's rear or east-side exits, along with thousands of other people, would leave the girls too exposed. Instead, Shae headed toward the nearest cover on the venue's western edge. Then, what sounded to Elena's trained ear like machine-gun fire exploded through the phone's speaker.

Elena, voice quavering, asked whether they could make it to Shae's car, parked over the fence and across the street Rosa female dating Mandalay Bay. The girls knew they had to make a choice: Stay put and dating in Brighton CO a gunman finding them, or move and risk being sniped out in the open.

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Hands clutched, each promised to stay with the other, before Delaney, in a pause between salvos, suggested they keep going. The beer vendors were arranged in a semicircle that jutted out into the venue, so between bursts, they crept farther along, terrified of running into the end of a barrel around every bend. When they reached the far side, the girls realized that they were, again, trapped. A gate along the fence in front of them remained shut, and behind them, in the festival's center, was nothing but uncovered space.

They looked for somewhere to hide, but this time, the space beneath the nearest canopy was already full. They couldn't get in. The girls were exposed. It was then that a bald man who looked to be in his late 40s scrambled over, blanketing their bodies online dating in Mission his own.

Convocation details

Up free College Station phone chat line to the stage, Marie and Summer, the other pair of Faith juniors, stood from where they'd ducked behind the catwalk, opposite Mandalay Bay, and darted toward an east exit.

The girls, who'd both taken videos of the chaos by then, didn't understand the moment's gravity until they saw - sprawled across a bloodied landscape of plastic cups, crushed beer cans and trampled cowboy hats - the wounded and the dead. Marie's eyes stayed on her cellphone as they rushed past. She didn't have her home saved, and as she tried to dial it, her hands wouldn't stop shaking. There's a shooting. Shooter, shooter," she blurted, barely able to pronounce the words.

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Still on the phone with her mom, she and Summer escaped the venue and hurried across Giles Street, where they reached the edge of a church parking lot enclosed by a seven-foot-high wrought-iron fence. Marie set her phone down on the fence's brick base, then put her cowboy boot on the edge and hiked up her floor-length lime-green dress. She and Summer gripped the metal bars and pulled themselves up and over, bruising the backs of their legs on spikes that lined the top.

Across the road, on the dating for Petersburg VA and ranchers grounds, Riley and Kaitlyn had just helped Natalia into a white medical tent where the injured were being brought for treatment. A passing medic asked how she was doing.

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OK, Natalia said, even though she wasn't. For years, the teenager had wanted to be a nurse, to help people who were worse off than she was. And there they were, screaming and staggering all around her. A man sitting next to Natalia was pressing his palms together, as girls for dating Fredericksburg VA in prayer, because the fingers on one of his hands had been blown off. She recognized a guy she'd known for years lying Fort Myers FL dating online free a cot nearby.

He'd been shot in the stomach. On the pavement, where blood had begun to pool, Natalia saw a man to her right with a bullet wound on the back of his neck. She watched a small group crowd around him, pressing over and over on his chest. He didn't move. A medic suggested Natalia might need sugar.