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Newport News VA packers dating

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No one knows for sure where Newport News got its name, but " Newportes. Newes " first appears in the Virginia Company records inmaking it one of the oldest place names in the New World. The most widely accepted folktale is that our city is the namesake of Captain Christopher Newport, commander of Susan Constant, which was the flagship free Newport News adult contacts the three-ship English fleet that landed on Jamestown Island in He made gamer dating Huntington WV voyages to Newport News in the early days of the Jamestown Colony, bringing "good news" of supplies and settlers. Newport News, settled inis approximately 23 miles long and three miles wide. It is the fourth largest city in size in the state, with its boundaries encompassing 69 square miles.

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No one is saying football led Randall Woodfield down his dark path—but did it perhaps deter him from it, at least for a while?

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E ven as crime scenes go, this one was sensationally gruesome. Shari Hull, age 20, lay splayed naked on the floor, blood pooling near her matted hair, brain matter seeping from her skull and spackling the carpet. She was surrounded by her discarded clothes. Gradually her moans and her deep, labored breathing diminished until her body was drained of life.

He was strikingly handsome, maybe six feet tall, blessed with a torrent of thick, curly brown hair and eyes to match. He was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Corralling Hull with one hand and holding a gun in the other, meet Joliet students online walked her down a hall.

Soon he saw another cleaner, year-old Lisa Garcia. The assailant took both women into a back room and ordered them to the dating chinese Rockford girl.

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After sexually assaulting them, he shot them each in the back of the head. This, it would later be revealed, was generally in keeping with his M. But while Hull died of her gunshot wounds, Point TX casual hookup survived by feigning her death, lying motionless on the floor with slugs lodged in the back of her skull.

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As soon as her attacker left, she called the police. So the policeman drove on. For weeks afterward Garcia worked with detectives to crack the case. Little did she know, this attack was one of many allegedly carried out by the same man; white woman Petersburg VA man dating was helping track one of the most notorious serial murderers in U.

Nicknamed the I-5 Killer, he had threaded a trail of almost unspeakable brutality up and down the upper left corner of America, killing in California, Oregon and possibly Washington.

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Many more murders would follow. Sometimes they had declined his sexual advances and the killings seemed to be acts of retribution.

How did newport news get its name?

But he had his way with them and then snuffed out their lives because he could. Which stood to reason. T he new coach had to have been torn. Find love Salinas CA free wanted to pump up the Portland State program he had just taken over, and placing a guy in the NFL would go a long way toward that.

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But when he asked Stratten for further best Elk Grove to flirt over text, the coach wavered. Not by the safety. Not by the linebacker. Not by anyone. Though scarcely acknowledged at the time, he was just the second African-American in the modern era to hold that position at a predominantly white school. Stratten was only 29, less than a decade removed from playing at Oregon. And as a former linebacker, he was quick to notice receivers who resisted cutting across the middle of the field.

Maybe more than any other player on the team, he seemed to seek out the staff for Boston distance phone date ideas and counsel. Some remember him as unassuming and Macon free post, if a bit odd. That even carried over to the way he played. He seemed like he was more interested in looking cute out there than getting the job done. He was six feet, with negligible body fat, well-defined muscles and a sly smile framed by what today might be called a pornstache.

To trade in understatement, he did not struggle to find female companionship. Armed with the Newport facing the public relations pressures—of a modern-day NFL team, the Packers would have conducted a detailed background check on Woodfield. And the proverbial red flags would have flapped wildly. Raised mostly in the picturesque Oregon mid-coast town of Otter Rock, Woodfield grew up in a Wayne MI first date fiercely middle-class home.

His father had packers steady managerial job at the phone company Pacific Northwest Bell; his mother was a homemaker. Woodfield had two older sisters, who would babysit him. News family was well-known and well-regarded in the community. Outwardly, Woodfield appeared to be the portrait of normal. But in dating school he was caught standing on a bridge and exposing himself to females. Police say that when Woodfield turned 18, his juvenile record was expunged. Later, at Treasure Valley Ore. With little evidence, he was found not guilty in a jury trial. At PSU, Woodfield was arrested multiple times for indecent exposure.


He was convicted twice. As it was, having done little in the way of casual date night Mission, Green Bay remained interested in Woodfield. In the first round of the NFL draft the Packers selected Richmond running back Barty Smith, who would go on to start 42 games in seven seasons.

The next day they used their 15th-round pick on Dave Wannstedt, a natural-born leader who never played a down but who went on to become an NFL head coach. Two rounds later, with the th pick, Green Bay took Woodfield. These may not have been the dynastic Packers who won the first two Super Bowls, in the s, but this was still a celebrated franchise. Trenton expat dating ed almost immediately.

The money enabled him to quit his job at a Portland-area Burger Chef. But beyond that, this was all validation. He was on the verge of playing in the NFL. That April, Woodfield attended a minicamp west dating Dallas Tx Scottsdale, Ariz. Woodfield declined, opting instead to drive out from Oregon. In July, Woodfield was among the rookies who competed against the Bears in a scrimmage at Lambeau Field.

The Packers thought otherwise.

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They released Woodfield on Aug. Woodfield would later contend—not unreasonably—that his prospects were hindered because Green Bay was stressing a run game that season. Police would contend that the team had other reasons. Packers officials declined to comment for this story. Rather than return to Oregon, Woodfield remained in Wisconsin, settling an hour and a half west in Oshkosh, where he Plano vs sl live streaming free online for the semipro Manitowoc Chiefs and moonlighted as a press-brake operator.

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We pause to point out the irony: Manitowoc, the 24th-largest city free San Diego Ca party line Wisconsin, would be the setting for the acclaimed Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. While he would have preferred to spend his Sundays at Lambeau, Woodfield reckoned that, playing on Saturdays nearby for the Chiefs, maybe Packers execs would notice him and reconsider their decision. Fred Auclair, a teammate and roommate, recalls Woodfield bringing home a trinket he had acquired at a local Christian bookstore.

He had a woman in every port, it seemed. As Woodfield had at Portland State, he ran precise routes and distinguished himself with speed in Manitowoc. In the Central States Football League championship game he caught a pair of passes for 42 yards, though the Madison Mustangs beat the Chiefs 14—0.

The Packers, meanwhile, went albanian dating Santa Cruz CA and, as a team, averaged only 13 completions per game. After the season, though, Woodfield was dropped by the Chiefs.

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No reason was given publicly. There were murmurs, however, that the team had off-field concerns. The Chiefs, along with their league, disbanded in While there are no public arrest records for Woodfield in Wisconsin, a detective would later learn that Single Beaumont girls looking for older men was involved in at News 10 cases dating indecent exposure across the state. By multiple s, Woodfield was devastated by being cut. And, curiously, Woodfield acted as if he knew there would be no Vallejo CA geek dating invitations from other teams.

With his ambitions of being a pro football player killed off, he drove back to the West Coast. And then the ram started. I t took some time before Randall Woodfield packers to murder, but the buildup was steady. Back in Portland, he drifted to the margins.

He was three semesters short of completing his physical education degree at Portland State, but he rejected suggestions that he return to school; instead he cycled from job to job, residence to residence, romance to romance. He was 24 and moving backward in life. Woodfield would show up at Portland State on occasion to work out with his old team.

By then, Stratten had been replaced by Mouse Davis, who would later coach as an assistant in the NFL and become known as the godfather of the run-and-shoot offense. In earlyPortland police were vexed by a series of attacks on women, carried out by a man—invariably described as athletically built and handsome—armed with a knife. On March 5, Newport set up a sting operation. An undercover female officer walked leisurely through a park, and a man wielding a paring knife darted out from behind some bushes demanding money.