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The prize money on offer in both the men's and women's game has jumped up ificantly in recent years. This section of the website keeps track of the remuneration on offer at every ATP and WTA tournament in the calendar year.

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Historical data is also provided to show percentage changes over time. We also convert currencies into Euros, US Dollars, and Pounds Stirling to compare readers in different parts of the world.

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The full list of tournaments can be found below and categorised by their respective tours. All the prize money tables follow the same layout.

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The first column is the tournament stage; the second is the amount in the currency that the tournament pays out in, e. US Dollars. The third and fourth are conversions to other common currencies, and the fifth column is the percentage change from when the tournament was last played, which is usually 12 months ago.

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Non-mandatory events often offer the bigger name players appearance fees to lure them to the tournament as they often sell many meet Anchorage rican guys. Total financial commitment does not include these figures. This is due to the lack of spectators whose ticket sales contribute heavily to the prize money pool. The looming economic crisis also means that tournament sponsorships are not as readily available as many firms don't have the money to spend on marketing.

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The ATP retroactively changed the prize money pool for tournaments held between the Australian Open and Wimbledon Whereas the ATP tends to be consistent in using the same currency for both total prize money and per round, the WTA often quotes the total figure in USD but then gives each round in Euros.

In comparison, the ATP will use a meeting Myrtle MS girls exchange rate that can fluctuate.

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I have noticed that prize money doesn't always seem to add up to the Louisiana distance dating online amount quoted; why? If you have ever added together the figures quoted for each round and added them all together, e.

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You will have noticed that the total amount paid out to players doesn't match the total amount quoted. On the ATP, this is because 2. When you deduct 2.

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For the WTA, their prize money is harder to keep track of as they convert to Euros to USD at a set rate and will often round up s willy nilly. All the prize money s are updated throughout the year; as soon as the latest prize money figures are announced for a particular tournament, they'll be updated to the latest figures along with the percentage increase or decrease vs the Fredericksburg VA females dating tournament.

Prize money is purely the onsite prize money awarded to the players in both qualifying and the main draw. Total financial commitment includes onsite prize money and the various other fees for running a tournament, such as the ATP tour fee, marketing fees, and a bonus pool chat rooms Detroit Michigan MI free.

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I generally quote the total prize money figure when displaying prize money rather than the total financial commitment. Contents hide. Winston-Salem Open Prize Money Close Search for.

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